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Welcome to City Schools!

Phone: 410.396.8600
Walk-In Hours: Monday (9 am - 4 pm) | Tuesday (9 am - 4 pm) | Wednesday (10 am - 6 pm)

City Schools will help you find the school that's right for you!

Looking for a neighborhood school for a young child? A charter school to match a student's interests and learning style? A middle or high school that gets students ready for college or a dream job?

Important Dates*
  • April 25, 2022: Enrollment window opens for Priority 1 pre-K & Kindergarten families
  • April 25 – May 27, 2022: Application window for families interested in Early Admission testing to Kindergarten & First Grade
  • June 27, 2022: Enrollment window opens for new families entering City Schools (All grade levels, including Priority 2 Pre-K & Kindergarten families)
  • July 18-August 19: Transfer window opens for families requesting consideration for intra-district transfer or out-of-zone school placement
  • August 1 – August 12, 2022: Application window for families interested in an Early Admission waiver to pre-K
  • August 29, 2022: First day of school for ALL students

    *All dates are subject to change
Documentation Needed to Enroll and/or Transfer
  • Proof of Student Identity & Age: Birth certificate or other government-issued document (passport, military ID, birth registration, DHS/DOJ/DOS immigration and refugee resettlement forms)
  • Proof of Parent/Guardian Identity: Photo ID of the parent/legal guardian (driver’s license, passport, alien/permanent resident card, military ID, employment authorization card, ISAP card, DHS/DOJ/DOS immigration and refugee resettlement forms)
  • Proof of Address (only two (2) of the following examples are required):
    • Complete, recent utility bill (gas, electric, water, telephone, or cable)*
    • Deed or title to a residential property
    • Fully-executed, property sales agreement
    • Military housing order
    • Mortgage settlement sheet
    • Original, signed (by landlord and tenant) lease agreement reflecting the name(s) of the parent(s)/guardian(s) as tenants
    • Property tax bill or statement
    • Recent bank or mortgage statement*
    • Recent employer pay stub*
    • Recent homeowner, renter, or medical insurance statement*
    • Recent letter from Social Security Administration, Social Services, Maryland Vehicle Administration, Internal Revenue Services, or Maryland Judicial System*
      • *Recent = within the last sixty (60) days
  • Other Requested Documentation
    • Academic records (recent report card and/or transcript)
    • Individualized education program (IEP) or 504 documents (if applicable)
    • Proof of custody/guardianship (if applicable)
    • Health records (immunizations and physical examinations)

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Online Enrollment Application for New Families

New Families Only

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Household Update & Transfer Application for Current Families

Current Families Only

Here's a taste of what you can expect at City Schools!


Elementary school


Middle school


High school

Re-engagement center

If you or someone you know has dropped out of school and want to find out more about coming back to finish your diploma, staff at the re-engagement center can help! 

For more information, visit our Re-Engagement Center page

Multilingual Enrollment and Support Center (MESC)

Office Hours 

  • Walk-In Hours: Monday, 

     Monday-Wednesday 9:00am - 4:00pm 

  • Please call 443-642-4481 for an appointment

The Multilingual Enrollment and Support Center (MESC) is available to support the enrollment, choice, and transfer processes of English learners and newly arrived families. 

Please email the staff at with your name, your child’s name, your phone number, and a brief message. You may also call 443-984-2000 should you have immediate concerns.

mescThe Multilingual Enrollment and Support Center (MESC) has an update regarding school choice and our re-evaluation process for recently arrived 5th and 8th-grade English learners. Any English learner that has been in US schools for less than three years qualifies for re-evaluation of their composite score.

We will use the following formulas for SY 2022-2023:

  • Using the highest of 6th or 7th and 3rd or 4th-grade grades, and the first quarter of 5th and 8th of SY 2021-22
  • Using grades from the end of 7th and 4th grade, and second quarter of SY 2021-22
  • Using grades from the end of 7th and 4th grade, and the first semester of SY 2021-22

In March, MESC will communicate with families and contact students that qualify for a different choice placement. If you have further questions, please contact the Multilingual Enrollment and Support Center at or 443-642-4481.