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For City Schools, a commitment to sustainability means minimizing the environmental impact of our buildings, educating school communities about the connections between their daily actions and the environment, and empowering students to be leaders in creating a more sustainable school district, city, and community.

The City Schools sustainability plan identifies the key areas that City Schools will focus on in the coming years. The plan is tied to the district’s Blueprint for Success and the sustainability policy and is an important part of making our schools engaging, exciting, and healthy places to teach and learn. It has the following goals:
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Develop environmentally literate students

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Create healthy school environments

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Reduce and conserve natural resources

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Improve school green spaces

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Engage school communities

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Build student leadership

Below, find resources for staff, students, and our entire school community to learn about our local, regional, and global ecosystems and ways to reduce our impact on the environment.  Together, we can make Baltimore a cleaner, greener place to learn, work, and live.  For questions or more information, contact 

Quick News
  • Get started at your school with this overview of greening and sustainability 
  • School Sustainability Ambassador is the designated coordinator of sustainability, greening, and environmental activities who completes an annual School Sustainability Plan
  • Request recycling pick up for the upcoming school year, once per week by the City Department of Public Works. If DPW misses a pick-up, call 410-396-5671
  • Green Schools Updates newsletter provides monthly updates, shout-outs, resources, and announcements. Find past newsletters here. 
  • Sustainability Report to the Board of School Commissioners is submitted annually 
  • Green Leader AUs are for teachers who lead and document green activities at their school, earning up to 4 Achievement Units 
  • Ideas for Going Green helps you think of things to do at your school 
  • Guide for Green Partners and Resources directs you to organizations, field trips, funding, on-line tools, resources and more 
  • Green, Healthy Smart Challenge offers funding for student-led greening projects at schools each year, with the application due in late October
Benefits of School Greening and Connections to Nature
  • Center for Green Schools advocates for schools that minimize their environmental impact, improve the health of their occupants, and provide environmental and sustainability literacy for all their students
  • Children and Nature Network compiles research on ways that children benefit academically, physically, and mentally from spending time outside

Sustainability Plan

Download and print the Sustainability Plan's six goals

Did you know?

City Schools buys electricity generated at a solar “farm” in Howard County, which lowers the cost of electricity at 13 schools.