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Summer Job Opportunities

Each summer, City Schools provides learning opportunities for students across the city. Some of these programs are run directly through City Schools, while others are offered through our city partners.

Jobs at these programs include teachers, social workers, hall monitors, and more. This summer there's also a special position available - the BMore Me Summer Fellowship (more information below).

Jobs through City Schools

These jobs are open to current City Schools employees. Please follow the steps below to apply.

Screenshot of summer jobs section of website

  1. To start the application process, click here.
  2. In the upper left corner, navigate to the text in red (see image to the right) that reads, If you're a current employee, please click here to complete an internal transfer application. Click "here."
  3. Create an account by clicking on Create
    Account. Select Internal Employee Application and then select Create Account again. 
  4. Complete the application. Fields with an asterisk are required.  Use your City Schools email address for the email. If you are a certified teacher applying for a teaching position or program lead position, for Applicant Type, select Teachers & Licensed Professionals. If you are not applying for a teaching position or a position that requires certification, please select Support Staff.
  5. Create a username and password that you'll remember. Then click Save and Next. You have now successfully created the account.
  6. Click the blue login button.
  7. Enter the username and password you just created, and click login.
  8. Answer the account recovery questions.

    Screenshot of careers website
  9. Accept the disclaimer.
  10. Click on My Application in the upper left corner (see image on the right).
  11. On the "My Application" screen, you'll see different sections. Employees are only required to fill in the Profile section. All other sections are optional. If you begin to complete one of the optional sections, any boxes with an asterisk will become mandatory. Click Save and Next to advanced to another section of the application, or select Jobs to apply for a specific job.
  12. On the jobs screen, you'll find the open positions for current City Schools employees. Click view/apply for additional information about the job. You can also search by job or job title. To find all summer jobs, enter "summer" in filter results on this page.
  13. To apply for a job, click View/apply, then Apply for the Job.
  14. After applying for a job, an email will be sent to the address provided.

Additional Opportunities

Cadence Virtual Learning
  • Position: Lab Leader
  • Description: The Candidate will serve as a Lab Leader at the Baltimore Urban Debate League’s summer camp July 5th-August 11th, Mondays to Thursdays. The Lab Leader will work with other camp staff to plan and conduct all camp activities. They will implement the camp curriculum. Take an active role in the camp planning process. Offer suggestions, volunteer, and follow through on responsibilities. Make your best effort to ensure all campers feel involved in all activities. All candidates must be certified teachers.
  • Pay schedule: $300 daily for a four day week
  • Apply here:
Summer Arts for Learning Academy
  • Classroom Teacher
    • The Summer Arts for Learning Academy (SALA) grade level Classroom Teacher is key to ensuring rigorous and meaningful learning in both literacy and math at SALA sites. Classroom Teachers will be paired with a highly skilled Teaching Artist for the entire six-week program (Monday - Thursday) to provide arts-integrated instruction daily. Together, they will co-plan and co-teach one class of arts-integrated math and one class of arts-integrated literacy to the same students each day. All Teachers are expected to lead a daily morning SQUAD session in partnership with their Artist. On program days, Teachers have the option of teaching a partial day (8:30 am - 1:45 pm Monday - Thursday) or a full day (8:30 am - 3:30 pm Monday - Thursday). Full-day Teachers will help support afternoon Arts Explorations/Majors and Thursday SALAbrations.
    • Application Link
    • Job Description Link
  • Tutor
    • The Summer Arts for Learning Academy (SALA) Tutor is key to ensuring all students receive the support necessary to thrive in a unique and creative learning environment. Tutors are required to work hand in hand with SALA staff to support students in their Literacy skills within the Summer Arts for Learning Academy program. Tutors are expected to provide daily 30-minute Literacy Tutoring Sessions to small groups of students. Tutors will work with the same small groups of students for the entire six-week program (Monday - Thursday) and will regularly communicate with Teachers, Teaching Artists, and Special Educators so that students' needs are being met through a cohesive team strategy. Tutors are responsible for providing reasonable accommodations to students and will support Special Educators in meeting IEP goals for specific students. In addition to serving specific students, Tutors are expected to support all students with special needs regardless of IEP status. 
    • Application Link
    • Job Description Link

BMore Me Fellowship

Last year, we piloted a 3-week BMore Me inquiry in grades 6-11 grounded in the grade-level’s social studies state standards and gave students the opportunity to learn social studies while exploring their identity and beliefs in the context of our city and nation’s past, present, and future.  

This year, we are excited to launch a BMore Me Teacher Fellowship for grades 3-5 Social Studies and high school United States History. We are inviting teachers to collaboratively build a year-long, culturally responsive curriculum that is aligned to new MSDE content frameworks and that shapes our understanding of student engagement in the curriculum and classroom. Eight high school teachers and six teachers spanning grades 3-5 will write the curriculum and projects.

Fellows will receive: 

  • Training at a week-long summer BMore Me Teacher Institute, which will include training by the Office of Equity, archivists at The Afro, and C3, leaders in the inquiry design model
  • Teacher fellowship with a cohort of likeminded teachers,
  • Racial Equity leadership development and support from the Office of Equity,
  • Support from experts throughout the summer in building and implementing a culturally responsive, standards-aligned curriculum/resources,
  • The opportunity to expand your professional network by working with teachers and leaders from across the district and beyond, as well as experts and philanthropic partners, and
  • Up to $4,500 in compensation for your work, provided all expectations are met.


  • Teaching Experience 
    • For US History – high school teachers; experience teaching high school US history is preferred but not required 
    • For 3-5, - elementary school teachers; experience teaching elementary school social studies is preferred but not required 
    • For both: Must be certified to teach social studies to the grade level applying 
  • Experience with inquiry-based instruction is strongly preferred, 
  • Experience with curriculum writing is strongly preferred, 
  • Must be willing to commit to a week-long virtual paid summer training (BMore Me Institute – Week of June 21) and structured summer writing with a writing partner, meeting virtual with their partner and with the team. This will likely be about 30 hours a week.  
  • Willingness to share learning with City Schools leadership, philanthropic partners, teachers and school leaders, and other stakeholders, 
  • Demonstrated ability to empower students and lift student voice, 
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively,  
  • Demonstrated commitment to practice culturally responsive pedagogy,  
  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines on a tight timeline, and 
  • Proficient or mastery in using online collaboration tools like Google, Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams.  

To Apply:  

You are encouraged to apply in a way that best fits you. This could take any form you want (provided it is virtually accessible) but must show: 

  • How you have worked to empower young people and elevate their voice in the context of your classroom, 
  • How you have created or implemented standards-aligned lesson(s) that allow students to explore their beliefs and practice self-expression, 
  • How your own identity has shaped you as an educator.  

It must also include – again, in any form:  

  • A principal or assistant principal recommendation 
  • A colleague recommendation  
  • A student recommendation  

Applications should be sent to by 5 pm on Friday, May 14. In addition to the pieces listed above, your email should include your name, the school where you teach, the grade(s) you teach, and your resume. Your application will be reviewed by a panel that will include a student, a BMore Me teacher, a school leader, and members of the BMore Me team and the Office of Equity.