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Student Learning Plans

Personalize your student’s learning

The Student Learning Plan serves as a tool to focus conversations between you and your school about your student. Using information about your student’s experiences, preferences and needs, they’ll work with you on identifying the supports and strategies, so your student meets their goals for the year. These plans, will provide more personalized learning and opportunities. They serve as a roadmap with checkpoints throughout the year. For example, during parent-teacher conferences, for you and the school to partner in your student’s learning.

Families, contact your school and visit our new Student Learning Plan Webpage to learn more. 

Please note: Plans are available on Campus Portal.

Review this webpage to get started and learn how to build your student’s plan


What are Student Learning Plans?

Student Learning Plans are blueprints for each student that will help each student recover unfinished learning caused by the pandemic and accelerate the growth of skills to prepare them for college and a life-sustaining career. School staff, students and parents will collaborate to develop these plans based on the interests and needs of the student.

Student Learning Plans help staff, students, and families deeply understand who the student is, engage in positive goal setting for the year, and tailor support and opportunities for the student to meet their goals. Based on your feedback, for the 2022-23 school year, City Schools has made it easier to complete the SLP sections by updating questions and resources by grade levels and by making the tool available for editing and viewing in Infinite Campus - Campus Portal.

These plans will guide each student’s academic experience, and families will be engaged in the process with regular updates. The SLP serves as a resource to guide meaningful conversations and partnering during parent-teacher conferences.

What are the key parts of a Student Learning Plan?

Schools and teachers will collaborate with students and parents to build these multi-year plans together by:

  • Setting goals that identify where a student wants to grow and where there are opportunities to support them.
  • Selecting specific supports such as tutoring or after school programs that support students in meeting their goals.
  • Identifying enrichment opportunities in arts, science, and academics which address the student’s interests and areas of excitement.
How do teachers and schools contribute?

School staff (Navigators) have a group of students that they are responsible for mentoring and advocating for and to help these individual students “navigate” a path of success through a personalized system of support.

Staff work together to identify and implement resources needed for students to achieve their personal learning goals.

They touch base periodically with their student about their student’s progress and interests, for example during morning meeting time or student advisory periods.

As part of their conversations, like parent-teacher conferences, they refer to the SLP to review with family members and ensure that the student has resources needed to support their learning and social emotional need within school and at home.

How do families contribute?

Families play a critical role in the success of their students  At the start of the school year, families answer questions about their student and their family within the Student Learning Plan “About Me” section. The Parent/Family Collaborative Questions allow schools to learn from the family’s knowledge of their student – how their student learns best, what are their student’s interests, and the parents’ hopes and dreams for the student. 

Parents participate in conversations with their student’s teachers, like during parent-teacher conferences, where they refer to the SLP to reflect on how the student has grown throughout the year, discuss opportunities available to students, and share updates about the student.

Parents can reinforce what is taught in school by partnering with their teachers to help students achieve and stay on track. Setting up daily routines, providing a place to study, and talking to their students daily about school are key strategies

Student Learning Plans tool

New for the 2022-23 school year, the SLP tool features pre-populated information about a student and consists of the following parts: about me, student needs, student personalized learning and supports and enrichments, and family collaboration. Parents can complete the Family Collaborative questions within the “about me” section by logging into Campus Portal. Additional components of the SLP will be made available in the coming weeks.

Parents can reinforce what is taught in school by partnering with their teachers to help students achieve and stay on track. Setting up daily routines, providing a place to study, and talking to their students daily about school are key strategies

Please note: You will need an active Campus Portal account to participate (learn how to sign up here)



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