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School Number


Dallas F. Nicholas, Sr., Elementary School

201 E 21st Street
Baltimore, MD 21218


School leader:

Danielle Adams

Opening bell:
Closing bell:
Community learning network:

At Dallas F. Nicholas, Sr., Elementary School, children and families are our priority. It is our vision to create lifelong learners who will become responsible citizens through experiences that promote higher education and expose students to opportunities that will lead them to viable careers. It is our goal to give students and families everything they need to position themselves for success. We focus on developing the whole child - academically, socially, emotionally, and culturally. Our school community promotes an environment where learning is exciting and rewarding.



  • ESOL site
  • Gifted and advanced learning site
  • Intensive literacy site

Enrichment and Support


  • Academic tutoring
  • Debate/civic engagement


  • Community school


  • Michael & All Angels Church
  • Herman’s Discount Store
  • Strong City Baltimore
student writing
students working on the computer in class
students in gym class
student on the computer in the classroom
teacher writing on the board in a classroom
student reading a book in class
students learning in class
teacher helping a student with his work
group photo of students standing in the classroom.
student writing
teacher helping a student with her work
student working in class
student reading in class
student smiling at her desk

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