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Johnston Square Elementary School

1101 Valley Street
Baltimore, MD 21202


School leader:

Baba Olumiji

Opening bell:
Closing bell:
Community learning network:

Johnston Square Elementary is a community school in East Baltimore that is determined to provide a quality school experience for every child that walks through it's doors on a daily basis. The motto of JSE is that "Our Lives Depend on Our Education" and we understand that there is a professional and moral obligation to provide our children with an education that will provide them an opportunity to make a positive impact on this world. It is a school defined by a caring staff that goes above and beyond to provide for it's children. We seek to teach our children the skills needed to become productive citizens through social emotional learning courses and the support of a Student Wholeness Specialist. We provide opportunities for enrichment through our partnerships with the YMCA, Lee Lee Flag Football Incorporated and other community partners. At JSE there are opportunities for students to experience learning outside of the classroom through artist residencies, assemblies, and field trips. Annual Review Recommendation: There is a pending set of recommendations for the closure of Dr. Bernard Harris, Sr. Elementary School that is related to this school before the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners. To learn about these recommendations or for recommendations for other schools as well as how to provide feedback to inform the Board’s decision-making process, please visit City Schools Annual Review of Schools page found here:

Official state grade band:
Grades served:
Pre-k to 5
Number of students:
Enrollment type:
Neighborhood This school accepts students who live in the attendance zone. Enroll by contacting the school.
Management type:
Title I status:
Navy or yellow shirts, navy bottoms



  • Intensive social-emotional learning site

Enrichment and Support


  • After care
  • Academic tutoring
  • Club athletics
  • Science clubs


  • Community school


  • Rebuild Johnston Square
  • Mt Sinai Baptist Church
  • Lee Lee Flag Football Inc.