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Contact the Schools Office

The Schools Office focuses on implementation of strategies and on accountability for schools and school leaders. It provides an integrated, comprehensive system of support services for students and families to create cultures and climates where students’ academic needs can be met.

200 E. North Avenue
Room 319
Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone: 443-984-2000

Key staff:

  • John L. Davis, Jr., chief of schools (email)
  • Cora Parson, special assistant (email)
Instructional Leadership

Key staff:

Instructional leadership executive directors for community learning networks

  • Sonya Goodwin-Askew, network 1 (email)
  • Tammie McIntire-Miller, network 2 (email)
  • Lindsay Krey-Vollentine, network 3 (email)
  • Dr. Rodney Henderson, network 4 (email)
  • Stacy Place Tose, network 5 (email)
  • Mark King, network 6 (email)
  • Jacque Hayden, network 7 (email)
  • Taiisha Swinton-Buck, network 8 (email)
  • Jane Harris, network 9 (email)

Roger Shaw, executive director of re-engagement (email)
Tracye Carter, director, charter school network (network 10) (email)

Whole Child Services and Support


  • Home and hospital, 410-396-0775
  • Interscholastic athletics, 410-396-8569
  • Student conduct and attendance, 410-396-8643

Key staff:

  • Sarah C. Warren, executive director (email)
  • Tiffany Byrd, coordinator, interscholastic athletics (email)
  • Dr. Courtney Pate, director, Home and Hospital program (email)
  • Lori Hines, director, student conduct and attendance (email)
  • Ketia Stokes, director, student wholeness (email)
School Police

Phone: 410-396-8588 or 410-396-8589
     In an emergency, call 911

Key staff: Norman Coleman, acting chief (email)

Student and School Operations Support

Key staff: Sabree Barnes, director (email)