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Registering for Meals for Summer Programs

Below is information for principals and program coordinators to register for meals for their summer programs in school. 

Food & Nutrition Services is excited to provide meals to young people during the summer. Meals are prepared by cafeteria staff and served free of charge to young people in the same way as during the regular school year. Principals or program coordinators must register for each summer program occurring in their school.

Complete the application for Summer 2022

Important Registration Information:
  • Meals can only be served in Baltimore City Public School buildings.
  • Do not combine multiple programs on one registration. Each program requires its own registration.
  • Do not register for programs organized by the office of Teaching and Learning or ESY office.


  • All programs taking place in Baltimore City Public Schools buildings
  • Combined enrollment of a site must be greater than 15 students.
  • All sites are open sites. Meals are available to all youth, even those who are not participating in summer program. No eligible youth may be turned away.


  • Anyone between 3 and 18-years-old, or turning 19 during the summer.
  • Meal recipients may drop-in just for meals; Participation in a program is not required to receive a meal.

Please email Food & Nutrition Services with any questions!

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Summer meals registration

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Have more questions?

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May an outside organization provide meals?

No, FNS is the sole provider breakfast and lunch in City Schools facilities during the summer.

Do I need to take part in any training for summer meals?

There is no need for summer program staff to participate in any training. FNS staff prepare and serves all meals. We manage meal service, allowing you more time to focus on running summer programs.

Can I make changes to previously submitted applications?

Yes, changes are made by emailing Noah Bers in Food and Nutrition Services.

Are outside students eligible to receive meals?

Yes! All young people 18 or younger (or turning 19 during the summer) are eligible to receive a meal regardless of their participation in a summer program. 

Where can I see the summer menu?

Menus are posted at the beginning of June.

Is summer meal service charged to the school's budget?

No, meal service and labor costs are covered by Food and Nutrition Services.