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Partners in Education

Partnerships are essential to enriching our students’ academic experiences and providing personal and professional support. They can take many forms, from a local business sponsoring a school, to a parent or community member volunteering their time, to an outside organization using our facilities for community events, to making various types of donations. 

The Partners In Education (PIE) Portal is the platform City Schools now uses to track partnerships and connect local organizations with our schools.

During these uncertain times, as City Schools and our entire state and country meet new challenges every day, our partner community is more vital than ever. We hope you will join with City Schools to address the needs of our students and families. 

If you're not already registered in our PIE Portal, please apply below. If you are registered, sign-in to update your profile and add an offer, or take a moment to view the resource requests our campuses have created.

Apply to Partner with City Schools

Partner Application

For new organizations interested in partnering


Account Sign-in

For existing partners and/or staff to sign-in to their account

View Requests

Active Requests (Districtwide)

The list of asks/requests from campuses

View List

Partner Resource Inventory

List of resources/offers from partners

View Directory

Partner Directory

List of registered Community Partners

Want to help but not ready to formalize a partnership?

If you would like to make a financial donation to City Schools, visit the donor page of the Fund for Educational Excellence, a 501(c)3 non-profit that serves as our fiscal agent for these type of donations. 

If you have in-kind donations or services you would like to make to City School's campuses or students, and you are not already registered in the PIE Portal, use our informal partner donation form. We will use the information you provide to setup an offer through our PIE Portal. We will follow up with you if/when our schools contact the Engagement Office about your offer. 
Registered partners, please sign-in to your PIE Portal account and create an offer with the details of your proposed donation. This will alert campus administrators who can reach out to you directly.

Already working as a Partner with City Schools?

If you have an existing partner relationship with City Schools and would be interested in ways to share data about the impact of your programming is having with our schools, you should contact our Office of Achievement and Accountability.

We are asking all our existing partners to participate in the PIE Portal, as well. Please contact our Engagement Office so we can help you get your organization registered.

Interested in becoming a City Schools volunteer?

Would you like to volunteer your time to help City Schools' students or staff? Not only do you help us further our mission of quality education for all students, but you save time and resources for our staff and campuses.
Find out more about volunteering

Would you like to rent a facility or room for an event?

If you are a local organization like a church that is looking for a larger space to hold a community meeting or activity.
Read more about using school buildings

Keep in mind that you may need proof of liability insurance, depending on the circumstances.

Download our space and use agreements to get started.

Do you have a program or service you think City Schools' might like to procure?

If you provide youth programming or other services that might serve the needs of City Schools' students and want to enter into a commercial arrangement with us.
Download a copy of our service procurement contract