3 Medfield heights students gather for picture

Partnerships are essential to enriching our student’s academic experiences and providing personal and professional support. Partners can volunteer their service without fee or be vendors paid by individual schools or the overall district. 

Some examples of partnerships are:

  • An organization providing resources, including people-power to help a school with a project.

  • An organization providing academic support, extracurricular activities, and educational materials.

  • There are so many more; let’s get creative!

Partners in Education Portal

The Partners In Education (PIE) Portal is the platform City Schools uses to track partnerships and make connecting organizations with our schools simple.

If you want to do business or are already doing business with the district, you should be in PIE. Our PIE is helpful to:

  • Receive support

  • Make offers of services as a partner

  • View school requests

  • Centralize partnerships for more equitable distribution.