Graduation Ceremony

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Requirements can differ based on the year a student began high school. Please check with your school counselor about specific requirements for you, and also review the requirements for graduating "college and career ready."

Grade Level Promotion Policy

From Grade 9 to 10

  • Number of Cumulative Credits Needed: 5

  • Including:

    • English I, or Algebra I

From Grade 10 to 11

  • Number of Cumulative Credits Needed: 10

  • Including:

    • 3 credits out of English I, English II, Algebra I, and Geometry

    • 1 credit in both social studies and science

From Grade 11 to 12

  • Number of Cumulative Credits Needed: 15

  • Including:

    • 5 credits in English I, English II, English III, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II

    • 3 credits in science and social studies (at least one in each). 

Please check the course catalog for ESOL English I and ESOL English II course codes that count as English credits.

Service Learning

Graduating students must have completed a minimum of 75 hours of service learning. Students begin service learning projects in middle school, and most will have earned the required 75 hours by the beginning of high school.

Maryland Assessments Required

  • Algebra I

  • English II

  • Science

  • American Government