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City Schools uses a wide range of assessments - including presentations, projects, debates, and more - to give students grades. 

Updated - October 27, 2022

Baltimore City Public Schools believes all students can learn, and that families and communities are essential partners to students’ success. At the same time, student performance can be demonstrated through various methods. Our grading policy is grounded in instructional best practices and is a guideline for fair and consistent grading.

The Board-approved grading policy and regulation are as follows:

Please scroll down to view resources and FAQs for different aspects of grading. A downloadable version of this document may be found here (English | Spanish)

Ask to See the School's Grading Policy

Your School's Grading Policy

Every school has a unique policy created with the district's guidance and approval. Ask your principal, teacher, or counselor to see a copy of your school’s grading policy.

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You can see grades on Campus Portal each week.

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