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Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Preparing for your now and your next

Through Career and Technical Education (CTE), students complete a four-course sequence in their profession of interest to graduate with their high school diploma and an industry-recognized certification -- increasing their earning potential when compared with students not in a CTE pathway and standing out from their peers in college and job applications.

Career Pathways provide students the clarity and direction to build the foundational knowledge in that industry of study for their preparation and success in both college and careers 

CTE students get hands-on experience in industry state-of-the-art labs and simulated environments, learn and build connections with industry professionals, and gain access to work-based learning experiences in their CTE pathway of choice.  

Is CTE the right pathway for me…
Three basic questions that need to be asked in choosing a career pathway: 

  • Who am I? 

  • What do I enjoy doing/what am I good at doing/ would I want to do that for a living?

  • How do I get there from where I am right now?

Log into Plan2BMore through your Clever portal to explore careers, salaries, and to learn more about CTE pathways and if it is the roadmap for your passion and interests.

Below are the CTE pathways we have, including the individual schools that offer each pathway. This listing may change though, so to get the most up to date information, visit the Schools page where you can search and filter by pathway type. Follow these directions:

  1. Go to the Schools page

  2. On the left-hand side, select "CTE Pathways"

  3. Either type to search for a certain pathway or select one to see the programs offered within the pathway

  4. The list of schools on the right will automatically update to show you which schools offer the program you selected