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Contact the Operations Office

The Operations Office provides support to ensure that schools have effective, safe, orderly, and clean facilities for teaching and learning, and that students are transported to schools safely and efficiently.

200 E. North Avenue
Room 409
Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone: 410-396-8721
Fax: 410-545-0975


Key staff:

  • Dr. Lynette K. Washington, chief operating officer (email)
  • Katherine Harris Toler, special assistant (email)

Phone: 410-396-8721

Key Staff

  • Monique Roumo, executive director, operations (email)
  • Tasha Merritte, director, operations (email)
  • Sharicca Boldon, director, strategy and compliance (email)
  • Patrick McGough, manager, computerized maintenance management system (email)

Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction

Phone: 410-396-8721

Key staff

  • Cynthia Smith executive director, facilities planning, design and construction (email)
  • Maureen Gershberg, director, planning and real estate (email)
  • Maurice A. Gaskins, director, construction (email)
  • Michael McBride, director, design (email)
  • Fred D. Mason, director, design/operations (email
  • Dawn Shirey, director, 21st century learning (email

Facilities Maintenance

Phone: 410-396-8721

Key staff:

  • Bill Levy, executive director, facilities (email)
  • Jonathan Collins, director, mechanical services & engineering (email)
  • Roland Dale, director, logistics & environmental health (email)
  • Anthony Pena, director, building maintenance & inspections (email)


Student Transportation

Phone: 410-396-7440

Key staff:

  • Jacinta Hughes, director, student transportation (email)
  • Robbin Marshall, assistant director, student transportation (email)
  • Gloria Holt, assistant director, student transportation (email)