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The mission of the City Schools Procurement department is to provide the timely delivery of high-quality goods and services in accordance with fiscally responsible procurement practices and policy.

Doing Business with City Schools

Welcome to the Procurement department for City Schools. We are looking for entities that provide quality goods and services at a competitive price and in a timely manner. If your entity is interested in bidding on our projects, use the below information to learn how City Schools procures goods and services. We look forward to doing business with you!

How Do I Become a Vendor with City Schools?

City Schools Procurement department operates a decentralized purchasing system. Each School and Office initiates their own purchase requests which is then reviewed by the City Schools Procurement team. Schools and Offices determine their own needs, what to purchase, and from whom within approved spending guidance. Although each School and Office makes its own purchasing decisions, all purchases are required to conform to state laws, City Schools administrative regulations,  policies and procedures.

Procurement believes in the principle that purchases should be made on the basis of maximum value for dollars spent commensurate with the needs of the School or Office. Best value means reviewing not just the price, but the quality, timeliness, and appropriateness of products and services.  

City Schools Procurement department encourages Vendors to contact the various Schools or Offices that may have a need for their goods or services. From the perspective of time and protocol, it is strongly recommended that an appointment be made for such visits.  It is the responsibility of the entity to promote their business to our Schools and Offices.

Supporting entities in navigating the process at City Schools is an important part of the Procurement team’s work.  Please take the time to review the materials and videos from our “Doing Business with City Schools” series.  This Webinar series covers critical topics for entities and is a great first step in learning how best to navigate our policies, regulations, and procedures.

Webinar Series

Supporting entities in navigating the process at City Schools is an important part of the Procurement team’s work. Please take the time to review the materials and videos from our “Doing Business with City Schools” series below. This Webinar series covers critical topics for entities and is a great first step in learning how best to navigate our policies, regulations, and procedures.

Emaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA)

Entities interested in bidding on opportunity with City Schools should register with eMaryland Marketplace Advantage ( to receive notifications for open solicitations. eMMA provides information on open solicitations for all local and state agencies and allows each account to set up the types of notifications that are of interest. 

Be sure your business is registered AND that you have made your bid notification selections! If you do not select your bid notifications, even if your business is registered, you will not receive notifications about new bids from City Schools!

Purchasing and Competitive Bidding

Schools and offices have autonomy over their budgets for the purchase of goods and services. Schools and offices work with vendors to obtain information such as the scope of work, price, delivery, and other terms of the purchase. The order will be finalized with the issuance of an approved Purchase Order from the district’s procurement and payment system, Oracle Fusion.  A Purchase Order is necessary to begin services or to provide goods and outlines the district’s standard terms and conditions. 

Small Procurements

The threshold for a small procurement is $100,000. Vendors who do not have Board approval cannot exceed the $100,000 small procurement threshold within a fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th). This threshold is cumulatively tracked district-wide.

Small procurements are broken into the following three (3) categories:

  • Category I: up to $25,000

    • Requires bids or quotes from at least one entity.

  • Category II: $25,000 - $50,000

    • Requires bids or quotes from at least two entities.

  • Category III – $50,00 - $100,000

    • Requires bids or quotes from at least three entities.

Competitive Bidding

Expenditures of $100,000+ require approval by the Board of School Commissioners and typically follow a formal, competitive procurement process (Invitation to Bid or Request for Proposal) that includes public advertisement of the purchase. For more information on how to become a board-approved vendor, please visit our How to Do Business with City Schools section above.

Purchase Orders - Unauthorized Purchases Prohibited

Purchase orders are required prior to the commencement of work or the issuance of products. 

Services or products cannot be issued until a Purchase Order is received, and Vendors are not allowed to commence work without first obtaining a Purchase Order.
City Schools Principals or Staff do not have the authority to authorize a vendor to work without a Purchase Order. Vendors who commence work without a Purchase Order are doing so at their own risk and may have their agreement and/or contract terminated if a pattern of non-compliance is observed.

Signing Authority

The Chief Executive Officer and the Director of Procurement are the only officials authorized to sign contracts on behalf of City Schools. Principals and other staff do not have contract signature authority and are not authorized to sign agreements on behalf of City Schools.

Vendor Support

City Schools has established a new email account for any vendor that has not been paid promptly according to its purchase order or contract terms. Vendors with inquiries about their accounts should contact Vendor Support. Members of our Finance Office team will monitor the accounts and respond. 

Criminal Background Checks

Fingerprinting for the criminal background check shall be performed by City Schools Office of Human Capital:

200 E. North Ave, Room 110, 
Baltimore, MD 21202 
Telephone Number: 410-396-8885

Conflict of Interest

City Schools does not award contracts or provide Purchase Orders to employees of the district.

Except as authorized under Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners Policy BCA, Code of Ethics (“Board Policy BCA”), Vendors are prohibited from using the services of City Schools employees or officials (including members of the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners) in performing or providing services. Former employees or officials may be used, provided that a 12 month period has elapsed since their last employment at City Schools. All solicitation respondents are required to sign and notarize Appendix G - Ethics Certification. 

Ethical Standard

The Board of School Commissioners and Chief Executive Officer have established ethical standards that must be maintained for all procurements. Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) is committed to a fair and open competitive environment. Businesses are encouraged to participate in City Schools procurements, but we suggest that you first review the City Schools ethics provisions. By executing a contract or agreement, the entity asserts and acknowledges that it has not engaged in any practice or entered into any past or ongoing contract or agreement that would be considered a conflict of interest with the contract or agreement with City Schools.

A more extensive list of our ethical standards is contained in City Schools Procurement Policy DJA, Administrative Regulations DJA-RA (Article 9 – Integrity and Ethics in Public Contracting), and Board Policy BCA and Administrative Regulation BCA-RA. City Schools also maintains an anonymous fraud hotline, 1-800-679-0185. Contractors and City Schools employees are encouraged to report any suspected cases of fraud using this hotline.

Quotes/Proposals and Invoices

A quote or proposal is defined as a document provided to City Schools that 1) details the description of services to be provided, 2) the associated cost for each of those services, and 3) when the services are to be provided. The quote or proposal is prepared and provided prior to the commencement of work and is a part of documentation used when a purchase order is prepared. 

An invoice is defined as the document provided to City Schools following the completion of services. The invoice details 1) the services that were provided, 2) when the services were provided and 3) the cost for those services. The invoice needs to correspond to the information provided in the quote or proposal submitted by the vendor earlier. Specific requirements for quotes, proposals, and invoices are outlined below.

More information regarding quote and invoicing guidance


Procurement Contacts

Telephone: (410) 396-8757
Fax: (410) 545.6977

Shabray Matthews, Director of Procurement

Keronda Harper, Administrative Assistant

Peter Ruchkin, E-Commerce Manager

Nasa Hawkes, Contracts Administrator

Katharine Kamieniecki, Contracts Administrator

Deborah (Debi) Gray, Senior Shared Services Associate

Stuart Feldman, Senior Buyer

Patricia Graff, Senior Buyer

Ted King, Senior Buyer 

Suzanne Addington, Buyer

Nikkia Pompey, Buyer

Abiodun I Ogungbemi, Buyer