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Health Services

From vision and dental care to school-based health centers and mental health counseling, City Schools works to ensure that students are healthy and ready to learn.

To reach their maximum potential, students need to be healthy and have access to medical services and support. City Schools works with partners to provide the following:

  • School-based heath centers. In partnership with the Baltimore City Health Department, services of a doctor's office are in more than a dozen schools, so students avoid health-related absences and get support to succeed in the classroom. 
  • School nurses. The Health Department provides a school nurse or health aide in every school to provide skilled nursing services to students with documented need and first aid to all.
  • Vision screenings. City Schools has partnered with the Health Department, Johns Hopkins University, Vision to Learn, and Warby Parker to provide no-cost vision screenings for all students in pre-k to grade 8 and glasses at no cost to students who need them through Vision for Baltimore. Please see the consent forms below. 
  • Hearing screenings. Screenings are provided free to all students. 
  • Dental care. Through an agreement with the Oral Health Impact Project and Mobile Dentists/Smile Maryland, in-school dental examinations and cleaning, dental x-rays, sealants (when appropriate), and preventive and restorative services (such as filling cavities) can be provided to students whose parents provide written consent.
  • Asthma. School health services ensure that students have an appropriate plan for treating asthma, a common health concern for our students. This way, health can be improved and absences reduced. 
  • Mental health. Through a collaboration with the Baltimore Mental Health System, Health Department, Baltimore Substance Abuse System, the Family League, and four lead agencies, the Expanded School Mental Health program is available in the majority of schools. Similar to mental health clinics, this program provides prevention/early intervention, individual and group counseling for students with more significant mental health issues, and a screening referral process for students who need ongoing medication or more intensive mental health care. 
  • Additional health needs. If your child needs to be given medication at school please complete the medication administration form. Students who need treatments and procedures at school, need to fill out either the form to administer treatments and procedures or the multiple treatment and administration form.
Home and hospital services

When students cannot attend school because of medical, physical, or emotional conditions, our Home and Hospital program can arrange for instruction to be delivered in other settings.

To discuss your child's situation or to receive assistance with the application process, email Dr. Louise Fink (Director of Health Services) or Janet Lippman (Home and Hospital Coordinator) Phone: 410-396-0775

Note: Certification by the doctor must be renewed every 60 calendar days.

Here2Help Hotline

24/7 access to confidential support and advice 


Vision Consent Form


Vision Consent Form


Dental Form

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