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School Buildings

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Watch progress on construction of two new "net zero" energy-efficient schools

Students, staff, and families need and deserve...

  • Places for learning designed with innovative, high-quality instruction in mind
  • Infrastructure that supports current technology and ensures safety and security
  • Good air quality, lighting, heating and cooling, ventilation, and safe drinking water
  • Buildings that reflect and encourage a commitment to protecting our environment

Comprehensive Educational Facilities Master Plan (CEFMP)

The Comprehensive Educational Facilities Master Plan (CEFMP) serves as a document and a process for City Schools. As a resource document, the 2022 Baltimore City Publics Schools’ CEFMP contains both educational and community related elements that impact facility usage. Some of the major topics include long range facilities planning policies and regulations, community demographic and socioeconomic analyses, and projected student enrollment and building util

The CEFMP is developed with the participation, contributions, and input of many departments/entities within and outside of City Schools. It provides administrators, teachers, community representatives, City and State staff, and elected officials with a reference to assess future facility needs, determine project priorities, and establish a framework for decision-making and/or policy development pertaining to City Schools facilities. It also identifies current and future facility needs and provides a long-range perspective for future facility challenges.


2022 CEFMP Outlines:

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: District-wide and Facility Planning Goals and Objectives

Chapter 2: Community Analysis – Demographics and Housing Development

Chapter 3: Enrollments and Enrollment Projections

Chapter 4: Capacity Analysis and Facility Utilization

Chapter 5: Facility Condition Analysis

Chapter 6: Policies and Guidance

Chapter 7: Equity

Appendix A: Verification Letters

Appendix B: 21st Century Buildings Plan

Appendix C: Maps

Appendix D: Community Analysis

Appendix E: City Schools’ Organizational Pattern Matrices

Appendix F: State Procedures

Appendix G: Facilities Inventory

Appendix H: Utilization Report

Appendix I: City Schools Policies and Guidelines

Appendix J: Educational Programs

Appendix K: Transportation Details

Appendix L: Enrollment Projections

Appendix M: Inventory of Buildings Not Currently Used for Instruction

Appendix N: Facility Needs

School community construction updates

City Schools' Operations team is hosting community meetings about construction updates. Please join us for the meeting at your school:


Comprehensive Educational Facilities Master Plan (CEFMP)

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