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Board Committees

Board committees meet regularly to address issues in specific areas.

The Audit Committee ensures that
  • Internal and external audit findings and recommendations are addressed adequately and in a timely manner
  • Audit issues that may have a significant impact on City Schools’ activities are monitored
  • There is no interference in determining scope, performing work, and communicating results of internal audits
  • Open communication exists between internal audit management, external auditors, and City Schools management to achieve established objectives

Members: Vernon Reid (Chair), Shantell Roberts, Robert Salley

The Operations Committee ensures that
  • Effective management systems exist to maximize resources in support of student achievement 
  • School environments are safe, caring, and physically conducive to learning 
  • Transformational leadership exists at all levels of the organization

Members: Shantell Roberts (Chair), Andrew Coy, Vernon Reid
Operations meeting calendar

The Policy Committee
  • Develops, reviews, and revises policies governing City Schools to support teaching and learning excellence for every student and to meet state and federal regulations
  • Reviews existing policies on a regular basis to ensure alignment with the vision and mission of City Schools
  • Monitors the policy-making process to ensure it is open, accessible, transparent, and responsive to students’ educational needs 
  • Recommends revisions to existing policies as necessary to sustain the strategic organizational direction and goals of City Schools
  • Sponsors public forums to seek and discuss recommendations for revising existing policies

Members: Ateira Griffin (Chair), Andrew Coy, Quinn Katz-Zogby, Robert Salley
Policy meeting calendar
Policy Infographic: English

The Strategic Planning Committee ensures that
  • There is an annual review of Board priorities and metrics, 
  • Transparent public presentations take place regarding performance with respect to Board priorities
  • Board priorities and metrics are linked to the evaluation of the CEO

Members: Robert Salley (Chair), Ronald McFadden, Johnette Richardson

The Teaching and Learning Committee ensures that
  • Quality curricula and instruction provide rigor, engage students, raise the bar, and deliver targeted interventions to increase learning
  • Students are taught by highly qualified teachers who use instructional strategies that sustain a culture of excellence and lead to academic success

Members: Ronald McFadden (Chair), Durryle Brooks, Linda Chinnia, Ateira Griffin
Teaching and Learning meeting calendar