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UPDATE: Network security and use of computers 

Effective immediately, staff and students may now use their personal devices to access virtual learning and other tools. We ask all users to continue to avoid using Baltimore County schools devices to access City Schools resources. You may use asynchronous online platforms that we know are secure, such as iReady, Imagine Math, Amplify online, etc. 

We also ask all users to avoid opening emails from suspicious sources. For security, we have blocked all emails coming from Baltimore County, and ITD is monitoring all incoming emails for suspicious messages. If you receive a suspicious email, do not open it and report the occurrence to

Expires on 11/30

BMore Me

BMore Me is an exciting student engagement and academic enrichment initiative. It lives in social studies curriculum and connects student learning to the rich history, legacy, and realities of Baltimore– and to students' own identities and futures. 

BMore Me is designed to be relevant, deepen student engagement, and amplify student voice in schools and beyond. 

The BMore Me Units

Each unit, which lasts about three weeks, asks students to explore a compelling question connected to social studies content. It allows students to learn from a variety of relevant, engaging, and diverse sources

  • 6th grade: Who deserves a monument?
  • 7th grade: What makes us Baltimore?
  • 8th grade: What is Baltimore's narrative?
  • US History: How did we get here and where are we going?
  • Government: How can we build a better Baltimore?
  • World History: Was the Industrial Revolution good for Baltimore?

Beyond the Classroom

Speaker Series

Brings the content to life by providing a chance for students to learn from experts, industry leaders, and community leaders.

Student Showcase

Showcases student talents and ideas to elevate their voice on issues that are important to schools and the city

Advisory Council

Composed of Baltimore leaders and thinkers, the advisory council serves to connect resources and opportunities to students and teachers. 

After-school Club

Provides middle school students extended opportunity to express their passion or curiosity of Baltimore.


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BMore Me

An Inside Look

The BMore Me lessons... really allowed [students] the opportunity to explore their own identities and it was very meaningful for them.

Baltimore City Public Schools Teacher