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Commitment to Multilingual Students and Families

City Schools values the diversity of our families, and we remain committed to educating and supporting all of Baltimore’s children, regardless of where they or their families were born. Our schools have been and always will be places where all are welcomeThe Mayor’s Office and City Schools reaffirm their commitment to providing safe, inclusive, and welcoming environments for all students and members of school communities.

Success at school begins with regular school attendance. All students should come to school every day confident that City Schools will uphold and protect their privacy and their rights. Staff members should also be confident that the commitment to providing safe, stable environments for teaching and learning extends also to them. 

Education for all children 

All children in the United States have the right to a free public education. 

All students have equal access to academic programs, extracurricular activities, services, and supports, including a quality English for Speakers of Other Languages Program 

All reports of discrimination, bullying, or harassment are taken seriously and fully investigated. 

Student privacy and safety 

School staff members will not ask about you or your child’s immigration status and will not require documentation of status for enrollment or any other school activity.  

School staff members will not provide information about student immigration status to immigration or other law enforcement officers. 

The only information that school staff members can share is a student’s name, address, telephone number, photograph, participation in activities and sports, height and weight (if on an athletic team), years in attendance within City Schools, grade, major field of study, degrees, honors and awards, and institution attended prior to enrollment. However, you can let your school know that you do not want this information shared by filling out a form. (Please contact your school to learn how to do so.)

Immigration officials will only come on school campuses under special circumstances, such as if there is an immediate public safety concern or if they possess a search warrant, subpoena, or court order. If immigration officials enter a school, school staff members will immediately escort them to the school office and administrator in charge. School police have received training and will not participate in immigration enforcement. The Baltimore City Police Department provides police services to all persons within the city of Baltimore regardless of immigration status.