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Reconnect, Restore, Reimagine

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Reconnect, Restore, Reimagine are the guiding goals to reopen schools for the 2021-2022 school year. Below is the full, multi-year plan developed in partnership with our various stakeholders. It is also a reflection of our commitment to using the powerful lessons we have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic to cover unfinished learning and ultimately support students in reaching their full potentials.

We want students, families, and teachers to be clear about what they will experience as they return to our schools. This plan includes: 

   - The instructional practices we will use to accelerate and personalize learning.

   - The enriched academic, athletic, and artistic opportunities they will be able to access.

   - How their voices will continue to be used to inform decisions.

   - How we will continue to support wellness.

   - How we will build relationships and trust. 

This webpage is the digital hub to keep you informed and fully engaged about this critical work. 

Find related budget information on our Budget and Finance page.

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Reconnect, Restore, Reimagine.

View our full plan, developed in partnership with stakeholders

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Appendices for the RRR Recovery Plan

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Reconnect, Restore, Reimagine. (Spanish)

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Appendix (Spanish)

Appendices for the RRR Recovery Plan

Review these overviews of strategies to support reopening and beyond
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2021-22 Stakeholder Engagement Opportunities

City Schools’ stakeholders have been invaluable partners during the past two school years providing insight and perceptions that were instrumental in informing our plan for moving forward and reopening our schools. This strong collaborative effort is essential and will continue for the current school year and beyond. Moving forward, there will be many opportunities for stakeholders to weigh in on their thoughts, experiences, and ideas for the best strategies to help all students succeed in our classrooms to better prepare them for their futures.

Please visit this website page often as we will provide updates on engagement opportunities and findings throughout the school year for:

  • Students
  • Teachers (Instructional/non-instructional)
  • School Leaders
  • Families
  • District Office Staff
  • Nov. 2021: BOY Survey (11/5)
  • Nov. 2021: CLN Teacher Engagement
  • Nov. 2021: Educator Consultancy Work Group Rollout with ongoing projects
  • Dec. 2021: Teacher Quick Poll
  • Feb. 2022: Teacher Quick Poll
  • April 2022: Teacher Quick Poll
  • May 2022: EOY Survey
  • May 2022: CLN Teacher Engagement
  • June 2022: Teacher Quick Poll
  • October: Student Voice Board Forum 
  • November: Beginning of Year Survey (11/4-19)
  • January: Youth Voice Assembly - MOY Program
  • February: District Youth Budget Forum
  • March: Student Voice Board Forum 
  • April: CEO Community Conversation "Tapping Into Youth Voice" 
  • June: End of Year Survey
School Leaders
  • November 2021: Beginning of Year Survey  
  • School Leader Polls during CLN Meetings 3x throughout the year:
    • December 2021
    • February 2022
    • April 2022
  • Feedback opportunities in-school STAT meetings beginning November 2021 to support learning and stakeholder input
  • June 2022: End of Year Survey
  • Fall Survey (November 2021)
  • POSSIP Polls (as needed)
  • Parent Cafes (November 2021 – June 2022)
  • End of Year Survey (May 2022)
District Office
  • November: Beginning of Year Survey (11/1-12)
  • Quarterly CEO townhall polls 
    • January 19 
    • March 2
    • June 15
  • April: End of Year Survey

EOY Parent Survey

To honor the multiple ways families have provided feedback to us, we are sharing data from the End of Year survey results from May 2021.  In addition to the reports above, this data will help inform the district’s Reconnect. Restore. Reimagine. Plan. This survey yielded 15,190 responses and included invaluable insight.  Here are some highlights:

  • 80% of families responded favorably when asked about overall school satisfaction and stated they were extremely or mostly satisfied with their school (39% extremely satisfied and 40% mostly satisfied)
    • Families with children who attended in-person responded more favorably to the question about overall satisfaction (83% compared to 78%) 
  • 77% of families responded favorably when asked: How well do you feel your child’s school is preparing them for their next academic year? (41% extremely well and 34% mostly well) 
    • Families with children who attended in-person responded more favorably to this question (79% compared to 75%) 
  • The top resources families identified to help them and their child be successful this fall were afterschool offerings (50%), academic tutoring (48%), mindfulness and stress relief (36%), arts, music and athletics (37%-40%), summer school programming (32%) and continuing a virtual school option (31%).

Review the full End of Year Parent Survey report

EOY Topline Findings

  • Students were slightly less happy with distance learning compared to the end of SY19-20. 
  • More students reported learning a lot during distance learning during SY20-21 compared to SY19-20. 
  • Students showed varied experiences in connecting with teachers in SY20-21 compared to SY19-20 – some reported connecting more frequently, and others reported connecting less frequently.  
  • Teachers and school-based staff voiced a need for professional development centered on Wholeness, Culture, and Climate as well as Personalized Learning Strategies to achieve a more tailored approach to meeting students’ needs. 
  • They also reported a need for more time dedicated to connecting with students, families, and other staff, time to improve their practice, and time to provide input on district decisions. 
  • School leaders felt more effective at building teacher capacity to partner with families in support of improved student outcomes at the end of the year compared to the beginning and middle of the school year. 
  • School leaders reported increased communication with families at the end of the year compared to the beginning and middle of the school year. 
  • There was an increased preference for school-based professional development time compared to that reported at the beginning of the year. 
  • Following health and safety protocols, knowledge of COVID procedures, and flexibility from supervisors around working conditions and schedules were three highly rated areas of the survey. 
  • Areas with less positive responses were around the ability to plan to report in-person and the timeliness, frequency, and quality of information staff receives from District Office. Less than half of staff responded positively about their ability to manage stress and anxiety, especially if they identified as a caregiver. 
  • Most families are satisfied with their child’s school. 
  • The questions that received the most positive response from families were around teachers communicating clear expectations for learning, schools responding promptly to family concerns, and schools communicating about partnering with families to support student academic progress. 
  • Few families reported being involved with a parent group, and many were unaware of any parent groups at their child’s school. 

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End of Year Feedback

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