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At Choice Fair, calculation station helps students figure out commute times

Submitted by: Cody Dorsey, 11th grader
Digital Harbor High School
December 2012

Calculation Station Since the beginning of the 2012 – 2013 School Year the Wide Angle Youth Media Attendance and Design Team has focused on creating projects to promote student attendance. In September the team was able to meet with Director of Communications for Baltimore City Public Schools, Molly Rath, to gather ideas for developing a poster to boost student attendance.

Last year the Attendance and Design Team, partnered with the MTA and the Rate Your Ride Initiative to develop media campaigns that address transportation barriers that students face everyday. The Team created marketing materials to promote Rate Your Ride to High School Students and infographics to promote the results of youth involvement in the program. So this year, when an idea was proposed by John Land, that the Team should operate a booth at this year’s City Schools’ Choice Fair held at the Convention Center, it was something that came naturally for the Members.

The Design Team developed the idea of a Calculation Station, to assist students and parents in calculating how long it would take to get to school from their homes. “The Station was pretty popular, and I hope to continue this next year, since many City Schools’ Students take the MTA to get to and from school,” added the Team’s Instructor Becky Slogeris.

City Schools has never had a Calculation Station at any of their Choice Fairs until this year, and it proved to be a successful idea that helped many parents and students. The station had over 68 students and parents visit. Because of the station, over 40 students now know exactly how long it will take to get to school. The Calculation Station also helped many students and parents decide what school they wanted to go or apply to. “Many kids don’t want to go too far from home, so if it took an hour to get to the school, they looked to reconsider their choice,” said Evodie Ngoy, one of the team’s members. The team felt their participation in the choice fair will help new students overcome transportation barriers next year and will help those students know exactly what route to take to get to school on time!