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BIA Authorized for IB MYP Programme

BIA Press Release

Contact: Jeanne Cobb
Office: 410-426-3650

Baltimore International Academy Earns IB Authorization for MYP

Baltimore International Academy (BIA) has joined the ranks of world-wide schools that have met the rigorous requirements to become International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools for the Middle Years Programme (MYP). BIA is a full language immersion charter school in the Baltimore City Public Schools System. BIA opened its doors in 2007 with two objectives; providing full language immersion education for Baltimore City children in 5 language immersion programs (Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French) and becoming an IB World School for both Primary and Middle Years Programmes. BIA became authorized for the IB Primary Years Programme (Kindergarten through Fifth Grades) in 2012 and was the 3rd school in Maryland to achieve this status. In August of 2017, BIA was authorized as an IB World School for the Middle Years Programme (Sixth through Eighth Grades) and is the 4th IB World School in the Baltimore City Public Schools.

The International Baccalaureate Organization provides a pedagogical philosophy for instruction based on inquiry, collaboration, and action. Schools who aspire to attain authorization must adhere to rigorous Standards of Practice which encompass school’s educational philosophy, leadership and structure, collaborative planning, teaching and learning and assessment. Once schools have implemented one or more of the IB Programmes, they are reviewed by an IB Authorization Team that conducts a site visit and reviews the lessons, classrooms, instruction, and interviews students, parents, and staff. Schools who meet the IB’s standards and become authorized are awarded the title of IB World School. BIA is proud to be an IB World School for both of its IB Programmes.