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21st Century School Building Information

 21st Century School Building    21st Century School Buildings Program

  Medfield Heights Elementary School

  Informational Sheet as of June 4, 2018

A new building for Medfield Heights Elementary School

The 21st Century School Buildings Program is making significant progress – four modernized school buildings open, four breaking ground July 2018 and five more schools opening September 2018. Progress!


Check out what some of the completed buildings look like!


We are excited to announce Medfield Heights hit a significant milestone in its process to modernize the building with innovative learning environments and increased technology. The design of the new building has started!


What’s the next step for Medfield Heights?

Design Collective, INC was selected to design the 21st Century School Building for Medfield Heights Elementary. The process will occur over four phases - concept design, schematic design, design development, and final drawings. The concept design meeting will be held on June 6, 2018 at 6:00PM.


Where will students go during construction?

Medfield Heights staff and students will relocate to the Chinquapin Building, 900 Woodbourne Avenue, while their building is under construction. Medfield Heights Elementary School will NOT be closed during construction. The Medfield Heights family will move to this temporary location with all the staff, students and materials over the summer of 2019. Then they will move back to their current location into their new home, in January 2021* when construction is complete.


The Chinquapin Building is currently used for a charter elementary school that will be moving; it has not been sitting vacant.


Will aftercare be provided when Medfield Heights relocates to its temporary location?

Yes. Medfield’s administration and staff are working on a plan to continue the school aftercare program.

The specifics will be determined and communicated closer to the move date.


How long will staff and students be in the temporary school building/swing space?

Construction normally takes 18-24 months. Medfield Heights staff and students will remain in the Chinquapin Building until the Medfield Heights project is complete. They are scheduled to move to the new building in January 2021*.

Will another school be located with Medfield Heights in the Chinquapin Building?

Yes.  Medfield Heights will be co-located with Govans Elementary School. The building will be structured so the two schools are in separate parts of the building and able to function as the two separate school programs they are.


Medfield Heights Elementary School will continue to function as the same school community, in another building with its current administration, staff, budgets, materials and everything that makes it Medfield Heights.


Will Govans Elementary and Medfield Heights Elementary share spaces?

Yes, the media center, gym, cafeteria and kitchen will be shared on a schedule worked out by the two principals. However, each school will have its own separate classrooms, entrance and support offices.   


The building was originally built for a middle school, so the shared spaces are larger than Medfield Heights’ current space. The two principals will ensure all students have their time in the shared spaces.


Will transportation be provided to the Chinquapin Buildings?

Yes, yellow buses will be provided from the Medfield Heights school zone to the Chinquapin Building and back at the end of the school day. Yellow buses will pick students up from several designated stops within the school zone and drop them off at the Chinquapin Building, and school staff will ensure they enter the building. In the afternoon, students will be dropped on those same designated locations. Bus drivers, aides and staff will have student assignments to ensure students get on and off at the right locations.


Next steps:


  1. Concept Design presentation and feedback session, June 6, 2018
  2. In School Design Review, July 10, 2018, 2:00-3:00 pm
  3. Community Space Development, July 2018
  4. Schematic Design presentation and feedback session, August 2018
  5. Tour of Chinquapin Building, September 2018
  6. Design Development
  7. Final Drawings and Pre-Construction presentation



For more information, contact: 

Nicole Price at (443) 642-6400 or e-mail





*Note: Dates are subject to change.