Monday: Matching Monday

Often known as “Twin Day” Find a friend (or several) or staff member and match your outfits. Be creative and try to include as many friends on the matching fun!


Tuesday: Nerd Appreciation Day

We love smart people and know our students are passionate about learning. Students can dress up as a “nerd” or their favorite nerd. Think Einstein, Supreme Court Justices, Hidden Figures.


Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday

Wacky outfits and wacky patterns. Mismatch your socks and wear your craziest hairstyle! The wackiest will certainly be the winner!


Thursday: Throwback Thursday

Throwing it back to the past! Retro styles and the fashions of decades past. Pick your favorite time and show off your poodle skirt or flower-power bell bottoms.


Friday: Pajama Day

Everyone’s favorite day! Get cozy, show off your bedhead and wear your pajamas to school.


Daily contest: A different student and staff judge will decide the daily winner of “Most Spirited” class. The winning class will receive 10 OWL TAGS for each student.


WEEK-LONG CONTEST: Students can purchase “links” for their grade-level AG Spirit Chain. There will be two winners, one in PreK-3 and on in 4-8. This is a fundraiser for the Student Council and future events and activities.