• Outer space comes inside at Southwest Baltimore Charter School. Watch more stories on Vimeo.

    In a strong science program, students

    • Experience and practice science hands on
    • Learn that knowing about science has real uses and connects with their real everyday experiences
    • Apply what they've learned about science to understand situations and events they haven't experienced before
    • Use evidence to support their ideas and to prove or disprove others' claims
    • Learn that building scientific knowledge and understanding is an ongoing process

    At City Schools, students can learn about space by visiting a traveling planetarium, help replenish the oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay, or design, build and drive a robot...right into world competitions.

    Beginning in pre-k, when children learn about science with lots of hands-on activities, City Schools students have daily science instruction — and, from grade 6, they can even choose to attend a middle school and then a high school with a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) focus. And as Maryland prepares to adopt "next generation" science standards, City Schools science classrooms are going to be even more exciting places to be in the years ahead.