Educational Specifications for 21st-Century School Buildings

    • At Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy new window, students can prepare for future study and careers in dentistry, learning in state-of-the-art labs.

    • The Baltimore Design School new window, housed in a renovated machine shop and factory originally built in 1914, serves as a living example of the architecture principles students study at this design-themed school.

    • High school students develop a video game app. Watch more stories on Vimeo.
    • At Elmer A. Henderson new window, common areas provide flexibility and space for students to collaborate in small groups, work on large hands-on projects, and gather for presentations, small assemblies, and morning and afternoon meetings. Learning can be extended outdoors to the terrace directly outside each common area.

    • Students focusing on interactive media production at Frederick Douglass High School new window hone skills in 3D motion capture, game and mobile app development, 3D modeling, animation and video production in fully equipped studios that support the latest technology.

    These are just a few examples of how school buildings can support high-quality teaching and learning that prepare students for real-world success. They illustrate the vision of learning environments the district is working to bring to all students and staff.

    Educational specifications for new and renovated school buildings

    • Flexible and adaptive space — open areas, movable walls, display boards — so learning can happen anywhere

    • Interactive social areas — workstations, cyber lounges, small performance areas — that incorporate technology and are accessible to students and the community for use during and after the school day
    • Spaces that support diverse instructional delivery — interactive learning labs, outdoor classrooms, rooftop gardens

    • Multifunctional spaces designed for community and parent use

    • Spaces that encourage student and teacher collaboration and support use of technology

    As City Schools builds or renovates school buildings, particularly those under the 21st Century School Buildings Plan, these features are among the educational specifications incorporated in the design process. In August 2013, general and prototype requirements were finalized and approved by the Board of School Commissioners as a component of the school buildings plan.

    Download... PDF icon  Students learning in a flex space

    Visit the 21st Century School Buildings Plan website new window for information about site-specific educational specifications for schools in the plan.