Internal Audit Services

  • Compliance audits examine the adequacy of departments' compliance with City Schools policies and external requirements, including federal and state laws and regulations. Audit recommendations typically address the need for improvements in processes and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable policies, laws and regulations.

    Financial audits examine accounting for and reporting of financial transactions, including commitments, authorizations and receipt and disbursement of funds. This type of audit verifies that sufficient accounting controls exist over assets, liabilities, revenues and expenditures and that there are adequate controls over the acquisition and use of resources.
    Information technology audits examine the internal control environment of automated information processing systems and how people use those systems. These audits typically evaluate system input, output and processing controls; backup and recovery plans; system security; and computer facilities.
    Internal control reviews examine whether departments are conducting their financial and business processes under an adequate system of internal controls, as required by City Schools policies, procedures and best practices.
    Internal investigations focus on allegations of violations of City Schools policies, federal and state laws that may result in disciplinary action or prosecution. Allegations of theft or misuse of City Schools assets, white-collar crimes and conflicts of interest are examples addressed by internal investigations. 

    Operational audits examine whether a department's resources are being used in the most efficient and effective ways to fulfill City Schools' mission and objectives. An operational audit can include elements of a compliance audit, financial audit and information technology audit.