How to Resolve Concerns

  • From time to time, you may have concerns about what your child experiences at school. Here's how to resolve them and get the answers you need.

    • If your concern involves bullying, please read this detailed information.

    • For concerns about academic work, homework, grades, or classroom environment, speak with your child's teacher. If your concern is not resolved after talking with the teacher, contact your school's principal.

    • For concerns about school climate and safety, facilities, school budget, or staff members, contact the principal.

    If your concern is not resolved at the school, the CEO ombudsman is available to assist. (The ombudsman can also assist with concerns about district policies, curriculum, or other districtwide issues.) Here are the steps to follow.

    1. Call the district office (443-984-2000) to say that you would like to make a complaint or express a concern. You will receive a reference number that you should keep to track the resolution of your complaint or concern.

    2. You should be contacted within 48 hours. If that does not occur, please call back to 443-984-2000, give your reference number, and ask to be connected with the CEO Ombudsman.

    3. The CEO Ombudsman will initiate a review and work with the school and appropriate district offices as needed to help resolve the issue. This may involve mediation. 

    4. If mediation is unsuccessful or the matter remains unresolved, the CEO Ombudsman will make a decision. 

    5. If the issue is still unresolved, the complaint may be elevated to the CEO, the Board of School Commissioners, and the Maryland State Department of Education in that order.

    CEO Ombudsman

    The CEO Ombudsman responds to questions, concerns, or complaints from parents, guardians, and the public that have not been addressed or resolved at the school level or by the responsible district department, and works to mediate resolution. The CEO Ombudsman also supervises the formal written complaint process and monitors district policies and practices that affect the experience of families and the community.

    The CEO Ombudsman can be contacted by calling 443-984-2020 or by email.

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