School Counseling

  • City Schools school counselors work to support the whole child in and outside of the classroom through a comprehensive program designed to

    • Demonstrate personal and academic growth
    • Make appropriate educational and career decisions
    • Experience positive and productive interpersonal relationships

    Students and families who wish to speak to a school counselor can usually visit the school counseling office before or after the day's scheduled classes, or can call to make an individual appointment.

    What school counselors do...

    Following national guidelines and using student data, school counselors

    • assist students in exploring college and career goals
    • support academic planning and intervention
    • support students through various transitions
    • provide social and emotional support
    • introduce students to college and career enrichment programs
    • guide students through the college and career process
    • collaborate with school and community partners to provide meaningful experiences


    School counselors use many resources to support students, many include sections for parents to help their child at home.

    Naviance (Please contact counselor for parent login information)
    College Board (College admissions test)
    The ACT (College admissions test)
    The NCAA Eligibility Center (For students interested in playing college sports)