Special Education

  • Students with disabilities are entitled by law to a free, appropriate public education from birth to age 21. For residents of Baltimore, City Schools provides a range of education and related services to ensure that all students' needs are met, whether in regular education classes, resource rooms or self-contained classes at public schools, separate special education centers or nonpublic special education schools. Students receive appropriate supports and interventions and rigorous instruction, with the goals of high achievement and postsecondary success.

    Each student is different, and each benefits from different programs and supports. To the maximum extent appropriate, students with disabilities are educated with children who are not disabled, and special classes, separate schooling or other removal of children with disabilities from the regular educational environment occurs only when the nature or severity of the particular child's disability is such that education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily.

    The first steps in ensuring that the right services are provided are to confirm the nature of a child's special needs and to develop a program that will provide the necessary support:

    Next, appropriate supports, programs or placements will be provided, based on the IEP. Examples include


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    For more information about services for children with disabilities, speak with your school leader or call City Schools at 443-984-2000.