New Standards for Learning in English Language Arts and Math

  • Student chefs cooking food Getting into college. Finding a good job. Moving up a career ladder.

    For success in life after high school, students need to know how to think critically, solve problems, understand information and express ideas — and they need to learn these skills and build this strong foundation before they graduate.

    Maryland's College and Career-Ready Standards new window, which incorporate the Common Core State Standards new window, are designed to ensure students finish high school ready for success in college or job training. The standards lay out what students in kindergarten through high school should know and be able to do in English language arts and math.

    • Middle school boy reads at his desk English language arts and literacy: What the standards mean for K–8 reading, middle and high school English...and other subjects

    • Mathematics: How these standards will prepare students to think mathematically

    • Measuring progress: When assessments will be available and how they will help

    • More information: Links to resources that describe how teaching and learning is changing in classrooms nationwide