School Effectiveness Framework

  • Many things go into determining whether a school is successful in ensuring excellent teaching and learning for all students. City Schools' School Effectiveness Framework groups the factors into four areas:

    Highly effective instruction

    1. School leadership supports highly effective instruction
    2. Teachers use multiple data sources to adjust practice
    3. Teachers deliver highly effective instruction
    4. Teachers establish a classroom environment in which teaching and learning can occur

    Talented people

    1. The school implements systems to select and retain effective teachers and staff whose skills and beliefs meet the needs of the school
    2. The school makes full use of the evaluation system to develop faculty and staff capacity through schoolwide reflection and professional development and to hold them accountable for performance

    Vision and engagement

    1. The school has a clear vision and mission that promotes a student-centered learning environment that reflects and embraces student, staff, and community diversity
    2. The school cultivates and sustains open communication and decision-making opportunities with families and the community
    3. The climate and culture of the school create a welcoming learning environment that meets the academic, social, and emotional needs of each student

    Strategic leadership

    1. The school manages progress toward clear goals through a cycle of planning, action, assessment, and adjustment
    2. The school allocates and deploys the resources of time, humanc capital, and funding to address the priority growth goals for student achievement
    3. For schools that are overseen by an autonomous board of trustees or education service provider, the board or operator provides competent stewardship and oversight

    To determine if a school is effective, City Schools conducts school effectiveness reviews whose measures are rooted in the School Effectiveness Framework. Download a detailed outline of the SER review protocol for 2018-19 link opens PDF document.