• Building Information Systems and Making Information Accessible

    Effective teaching involves building on students' unique strengths and figuring out the best way to address each student's areas of need. With more than 84,000 students who move from grade to grade and teacher to teacher as they advance to high school graduation, City Schools needs efficient, reliable ways to record and track information, so that teachers and administrators can know their students in a very detailed way.

    The district is in the process of launching several powerful online tools to help make this happen:
    • Data Link helps teachers administer assessments, track student progress, identify needs and make informed, data-driven decisions about instruction. With Data Link, teachers can access information about a student 's performance at a very detailed level—for example, related to particular skills or curriculum standards—and consider that performance across many different assessments or in comparison to other students. The tool can also be used to create, manage and share assessments, and track student performance on them over time.
    • The district also uses a tool called “Power Teacher Grade Book” that allows teachers to record student grades so they can be accessible online.
    • Parents/guardians have access to detailed information about student achievement through Parent Portal.

    All this careful, detailed tracking of information means that teachers can more easily identify areas of strength and need, and make sure they adjust instruction to support each student. And it also allows teachers, administrators and the district to identify how effectively individual teachers are reaching individual students—and to track professional development to meet teachers own areas of need.