• Assistive Technology

    Board Maker Files

    On this website you will find books that have been adapted using the Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) and the Mayer-Johnson program BoardMaker (c). The Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) are typically used by individuals who have difficulty being understood verbally or have severe difficulty with reading and writing.

    If you have your own copy of the book, we have files that allow you to print the symbols that we used to adapt the books. These PCS can be cut out and glued into your own book so that you can read the adapted book again and again to your child or students.

    All files with symbols were created using Boardmaker Version 5.0.10 and require you to have that program loaded onto your computer into order to access these files.Funding for this project was provided by a grant under IDEA Assistive Technology, Part B, Maryland State Department of Education Grant #330965.