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Search and Compare Schools

Baltimore’s students are future scientists, artists, business owners, leaders, and much more. Our students and families can choose from schools with programs to make that future a reality.

Most students in grades pre-k to grade 5 go to a neighborhood school, based on home address. Some neighborhood schools also have grades 6 to 8, so middle school students can stay in their neighborhood until high school. Families can also apply to charter schools anywhere in the city.

For middle and high school, students can choose what school they’d like to go to, based on interests, talents, programs, and location.

Use these tools to search for and compare schools based on location, grades, programs, and much more. Families can also find their neighborhood school.

Explore schools near me

Schools near me

Find your neighborhood school or explore schools near a specific address.

Compare schools

Compare 2 or more schools to find the perfect fit.