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Employee Engagement Retirement Services

Thank you for serving the students of Baltimore City Public Schools! The office of human capital employee engagement retirement service team is here to assist City Schools staff with the important decision to retire and move into the next chapter in their lives.

Our team will help you identify your “WHY” to retire because we feel identifying your personal “WHY” inform you how to build the rest of your life. Through this process and staying true to our core values and operating principles, we will work with you to ensure you are well informed of the process to retire, work with you through our designed retirement workshops, and also sit with you one on one to finalize all documents for your retirement. 

Are you ready to retire?

It's as easy as READY, SET, GO!
  • READY – Sign up to attend your retirement information session 
  • SET – Attend your retirement workshop session (can only attend if you have attended an info session)
  • Go – Set up a one on one session to finalize your retirement paperwork (invitation only)

Retirement Eligibility Requirements

Teacher’s Pension System (Members before 6/30/2011)

Service Retirement (full benefit)

  • 30 years of service or;
  • 62 with at least 5 years of service
  • 63 with at least 4 years of service
  • 64 with at least 3 years of service
  • 65 with at least 2 years of service

Early Retirement (reduced benefit)

  • Age 55 with at least 15 years of eligibility service
  • Greatest reduction is 42%
Eligibility Requirements Reformed Pension System (New Members as of 7/1/2011 or later)

Service Retirement (full benefit)

  • Age 65 with at least 10 years of eligibility service or
  • Rule of 90: age and eligibility service must total 90

Early Retirement (reduced benefit)

  • Age 60 with at least 15 years of eligibility service
  • Greatest reduction is 30%

Steps to Retirement


The Maryland State Retirement Agency encourages each member to utilize the online benefit estimator to estimate monthly benefits. By using this tool prior to retirement, it will assist in financial planning. Therefore, make sure that you have registered your account using the MySRPS feature.

36- 24 months before retirement:    
  • It is recommended that you visit the State Retirement Agency’s online webinars or attend a virtual retirement workshop provided by the Human Capital Office.  You are encouraged to attend the workshops provided by the Human Capital Office that the state agency cannot address.
  • Apply for any additional Service credit.  Additional service credit may be needed such as military, missing service time due to leave of absences or credit from another state or local agency that meets the criteria of purchase.
  • Plan a meeting with your financial adviser to develop or update your financial portfolio and to ensure that you will be able to live comfortably as a retiree.
12 months before retirement:
  • Members who are within 12 months of retirement can also send a request to SRA by completing and submit an Application for an Estimate of Service Retirement Allowance available on the state’s website or from our Human Capital Retirement division.
  • If there is any discrepancy regarding the results of your audit with the state, contact the Retirement Division.  
  • Make sure to update your beneficiary contact(s).
  • Attend a retirement workshop sponsored by the Human Capital Office
6 months before retirement:
  • Request the appropriate forms to file for retirement.  By requesting the forms, you will have the opportunity to review and study what you will be completing.
  • If you are approaching age 65, please be sure to apply for Medicare Part B; the retirement coordinator will be able to provide the employer section that verifies your employment, the start and end date of the employer health plan.
2-4 months before retirement:
  • Schedule a one-on-one appointment to meet with one of the retirement coordinators to review and submit your forms to retirement.  Your coordinator will be able to discuss review your forms with you and discuss other important things you should know after retirement.
  • Please note that the Employer Benefit Plans will end effectively 1 day before your retirement.  Baltimore City Schools does not provide benefits after retirement.  If your retirement date is July or August 1st, the employer health insurance extends to August 31st.  Baltimore City is not responsible to enroll or manage a retiree’s health plan; this is provided by Baltimore City Employee Benefit Division.  Baltimore City can only provide the Retiree’s Health Book so that you can see what the benefits are and the cost of the benefits provided by them.
60 days before retirement:
  • If for any reason you decide to rescind your retirement, you will need to write a letter to the Maryland State Retirement Agency by email, fax or mail as well as notify the Retirement Division by providing a copy of your decision by fax, email or mail.  The Human Capital Office cannot accept last-minute decision to withdraw your retirement.
  • Your coordinator is not responsible for notifying your superior.
  • Please provide a short bio regarding your tenure with Baltimore City Schools.  The coordinator will be able to explain the content of the bio.

Retirement Documents

View form

Maryland State Retirement Application for Membership

View form

Maryland State Retirement Designation of Beneficiary

View form

Maryland State Retirement Application for an estimate of service retirement allowance

View form

Maryland State Retirement Application for service or disability retirement

View form

Maryland State Retirement Direct Deposit – Electronic Funds transfer sign up form

View form

Maryland State Retirement Federal & Maryland State Tax Withholding Request

View Seminars

Employees Retirement Systems

2022 Seminars


Retirement Information Session Dates

All Sessions are held 3:30-4:30 pm

  • March 4 and 18
  • April 8 and 22
  • May 6 and 20
  • June 3
Retirement Workshop Session

All Sessions are held 3:30-4:30 pm

  • March 11 and March 25
  • April 15 and 29
  • May 13 and 27
  • June 10

Retirement Partners

Maryland State Retirement and Pension System
Useful videos, forms, and mySRPS 

Mail/Office Visits                                                                                    
120 East Baltimore St., 14th Fl.
Baltimore, MD 21202-6700
Phone: 410-625-5555 or toll-free 1-800-492-5909
Fax: 410-468-1700/1707

Baltimore City Employees Retirement System
Phone: 443-984-3200

Baltimore City Employee Benefits Division
Phone: 410-396-5830
Enrollment Unit: 410-545-1516

Medicare Enrollment
Toll-free number: 1-800-MEDICARE
TTY number: 1-877-486-2048

Social Security Administration
Toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778)


How soon can I retire?

For State Retirement members:

Please refer to the information in your MySRPS tool or complete an Application for an Estimate of Retirement Allowance (form 9).  This can be downloaded from the state’s website (log on to and look under member/forms.  The request can only be 1 year of the current date and always on the first of any month. Estimates and not provided by Baltimore City Schools.


  • 30 years at any age
  • Age 62 with at least 5 years of service;
  • Age 63 with at least 4 years of service;
  • Age 64 with at least 3 years of service;
  • Age 65 with at least 2 years of service; or
  • Age 55 with at least 15 years of service (a reduced benefit is 6% to each years shy age 62.  Greatest reduction amount is 42%

For Employee Retirement members:

Members can contact the Employee Retirement System at 443-984-3200 and request an estimate of their retirement allowance.  Estimates and not provided by Baltimore City Schools.

For Membership A&B eligibility is based on years of service or age 

  • Age 60 with 5 years of service or,
  • 30 years regardless of membership

For Membership C

  • Age 65 with 5 years of service or;
  • 30 years of service regardless of age or;
  • Age 55 with 5 years of service  with a reduce benefit
  • Age 65 or reduced payments before 65 with less than 30 years of service

Must file within 90 days prior to the anticipated retirement date by contacting the Employee Retirement system (number above) and speak with a analyst to receive appropriate forms.

Employee Retirement system encourages their members to login to the Member Self-Services Portal by using the following link: and follow the prompts.

What do I need to do to retire?

Maryland State Retirement and Pension System members:

Note: If you’ve registered for mySRPS, you can create estimates on line – as many as you’d like. You will not need any forms, so you will not need to wait; the results are immediate. You may download your estimates or just leave them on our site. They are saved in the system.  An estimate can be created even if you’re many years from retirement. The current average processing time for Estimate Request Forms is 45 days.

  • Application of Service/Disability Retirement (form 13/23),
  • Electronic Fund Transfer/Direct Deposit (Form 85),
  • Federal and State Tax Withholding Request (Form 766),
  • Designation of Beneficiary (Form 4 – Optional)  All forms can be found on the state’s website (; Members/forms

Is my retirement date the same as my pension start date? (City and State Retirement)


When will I get my 1st pension payment?

Under the State Retirement and Pension System, pension payment is paid on the business day of the month.

Under the City Retirement System, payment is on the first of the month.

How much money do I need to retire?

It depends on how much money you plan to spend in retirement.  There is a 80% rule based on the fact that retiree no longer pays payroll taxes towards Social Security.  There are no extra expenses such as gas, clothing, food, etc.  Please consult your financial advisor to what you need to do to have a successful retirement budget to live on.

When I retire, when will my employer benefits terminate?

Please remember that your retirement date is always the first of any month.  Therefore, if the retirement date is between September 1st – June 1st, the benefits will terminate the day before retirement.  The same rule applies for those who are under the Local 44 and CUB unions and the Non-affiliated GSS group.  The benefits for those who are members of BTU, PARAS retire July and August 1st will terminate August 31st.

Will my retirement medical coverage automatically be set up?

No, each person will receive a packet from the Employee Benefit Division within 60 days prior to their retirement date.  The packet contains the enrollment form, Retiree Handbook and other information needed for enrollment.  Retiree must complete an enrollment form and submit it to Baltimore City Employee Benefit Division 7 E. Redwood Street – Baltimore, MD 21202, Attention:  Benefit Processing.  You may also fax the form to 410-396-5830 or 5831.

Can I carry my spouse and/or dependents on my health insurance after retirement?

Yes, as long as the retiree lives, dependents can be covered under the medical plan.  The only way that coverage continues if the retiree chose one of the dual life annuities (option 2, 3, 5 or 6).  For rates, see your Retiree Benefits Book or contact City of Baltimore Office of Employee Benefits Phone – 410-396-5830/5831 TTY 711 (Maryland)

When do I need to report my intent to retire?

Maryland State Retirement members

  • Please notify a Retirement Coordinator of your request to retire at least 12 months in advance.  This will include attending a Retirement Informational Session, Retirement Workshop and a final individual appointment with a coordinator.  It will take the Maryland State Retirement at least 60 days to process your retirement request.
  • Please take in consideration that proper notification to your principal, director or manager, should be at least 3-6 months in advance in order to give ample time to hire your replacement. 

City Retirement members

  • Please notify the Employee Retirement System of your request to retire at least 3 months in advance by calling 443-984-3200 to schedule an appointment.  
  • Contact a Human Capital Retirement Coordinator to discuss post-retirement information, such as health insurance, life insurance and severance payout.
  • Please take in consideration that proper notification to your principal, director or manager, should be at least 3-6 months in advance in order to give ample time to hire your replacement.

How much will my SS benefits be?

It is advisable that you visit the Social Security website ( and request an estimate of your benefits. You will need to establish an account in order to request an estimate and file for benefits.

What are my retirement benefits?

Your retirement benefits through the State Retirement Agency includes

  •  Military Credit up to 5 years (must be vested and a member for at least 10 years).  Member must complete form 46 to be credited.
  • Transfer of Service from agencies approved by the Maryland State Retirement Agency
  • Maximum Retirement Allowance (largest amount monthly payment until death)
  • Single life-time annuity monthly that equals the total of the retirement Present Value)
  • Single life-time annuity that guarantees the return of the accumulated contributions and interest paid and established when you retire
  • 2 - Dual life Annuities at 100% to surviving beneficiary
  • 2 - Dual life annuities at 50% to surviving beneficiary  
  • Ordinary Disability Based on physical or mental incapacity to perform assigned duties
  • Accidental Disability – Based on injury incurred while on the job
  • Death Benefits – Paid as a lump sum or monthly annuity to surviving beneficiary (ies)
  • Withdrawal of Funds – only if you terminate from your employer.  Taxes will include 27.75% of refund or total refund can be roll over into a 403(a) or (b) , 457b, 401(a) or (b), or a Traditional IRA.
  • Medical coverage for retiree and or dependents provided by Baltimore City Employee Benefit Division.

Your retirement benefits through the Employee Retirement System includes

  • Military Credit - The City will pay a member’s employee contribution during an unpaid leave of absence due to military service.  Member must complete required documents.  Please request this from the Employee Retirement Agency
  • Maximum (highest) Retirement Allowance
  • 100% Survivor’s benefit
  • 40% Survivor’s benefit
  • Lump-sum payment
  • Refund of contributions
  • Under the new Hybrid and Non-Hybrid plan):
  • 403b and 457 savings can be accessed after retirement if you are age appropriated.  Please be sure to make an appointment with your representative to learn more about the benefit.  Since the 403bs and 457 plans are an elective benefit, Baltimore City Schools only provide the transfer of your funds to the plan of your choice.
  • Medical coverage is provided by Baltimore City Employee Benefit Division.

What to do in the case of discrepancies or eligibility or service credit?

When requesting an estimate of your retirement for pension whether you are a member of the City Retirement or State Retirement and there are any discrepancies, you will need to contact a Retirement Coordinator to investigate the discrepancy.  Depending on the issue, please allow 5 business days for a response.

Beneficiary Coverage: Can my child be my beneficiary?

State Retirement Agency:      

Under the single life annuities, a child may be a beneficiary.  As a matter of fact, the retiree can have more than one beneficiary.  The retirement allowance is not based on the age of the beneficiary under the single life annuity.  The lump sum payment is based on the balance of the Present Value under Option 1 or 4.

Unless a child is disabled, you cannot designate under Option 2 and 5 dual life annuities.  If you designate a child under Options 3 and 6, the state will estimate the age of both retiree and (dependent) child, which may significantly decrease the monthly allowance. 

Baltimore City Retirement:    Please be sure to check with the agency to confirm age appropriation.

What forms are needed during the course of my tenure with Baltimore City Schools?

  • Form 4 – Designation of Beneficiary: This form should be updated whenever there is a change in your personal life.
  • Form 9 – Application for a Request for an Estimate of Service Retirement
  • Form 26 – Application for a Request to Purchase Previous Services
  • From 37 – Election to Transfer Service Between Systems within the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System.
  • Form 37.26 – Election to Transfer Service from a Local Retirement or Pension System to the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System.
  • Form 37.37 – Election to Combine Services within the Employees’ or Teacher’s Pension System.
  • Form 43 – Claim of Retirement Credit for Military Service
  • Form 46 – Qualifying Leave of Absence or Notification of Military Entry
  • Form 146 Identification Affidavit for mySRPS
  • Form 147 – mySRPS Freeze Request.

What is Disability Retirement and how do you apply?

The Maryland State Retirement and Pension System provides benefits for two types of disability retirement, ordinary and accidental disability:

  • Ordinary disability covers any permanent mental or physical incapacity for the further performance of the normal duties of your position.
  • Accidental or special disability generally covers an accident that occurs in the actual performance of work duties at a definite time and place without willful negligence.  Accidental disability applicants must be totally and permanently incapacitated for the future performance of their normal duties as a natural and proximate result of the accident. 
  • All disability claims will be evaluated for ordinary disability if the member has a least five years of eligible service.

If an applicant/member does not apply for accidental disability, he or she may not later apply for accidental or submit a new claim based on an accident that took place prior to the date the claim is submitted.

  • Applying for Disability is a two-step process:  Forms must be legible and without error.  Filing is essential; Therefore all forms must be submitted at the same time.
    • A member filing for ordinary or accidental/special disability benefits must properly complete and submit to the Maryland State Retirement Agency the forms and materials: 
    • Form 20 – Statement of Disability which includes pertinent medical records, current job description, Current 2 years of Performance Evaluation and 2 years sick leave
    • Form 129 – Preliminary Application for Disability Retirement
    • Form 21A - Application for an Estimate of Disability Retirement Allowances
    • Once the Board of Trustees has made a decision to approve the disability claim the following forms need to be completed within 120 days receipt of the notification:
    • Form 12/23 Application for Service/Disability Retirement.  This form need to be marked based on the disability claim of ordinary or accidental disability.
    • Form 85 – Electronic Fund Transfer/Direct Deposit
    • Form 766 – Federal and State Tax Withholding Form
      • If these forms are not submitted within 120 days of claim approval, the disability claim will be closed and you will not be entitled to disability benefits.
      • If the State Retirement Agency disapproved the claim for Disability, the applicant may appeal the decision by writing a letter to the state retirement agency.

When is the last official paycheck from Baltimore City?

It depends on when you retire.  Please refer to the 2020-2021 Pay period and Processing Schedule provided by the Payroll Office.  This information can be found on City School’s website.

Will I be paid for unused sick days?

Yes, severance payout is 1 for every 4 days. Your choice can be a check (taxes and other deductions withheld) that is mailed to your home address or rollover to a 403b plan. The processing time for severance payout is 45 – 60 days.  The state retirement credits the member starting at 1 day – 2+ years of unused sick days (which will increase the monthly allowance).

Will I be paid for unused vacation time?

Yes. Vacation time will be paid for each day you have remaining at the time of retirement.  Your choice can be a check (taxes and other deductions withheld) that is mailed to your home address or rollover to a 403b plan. The processing time for severance payout is 45 – 60 days.

I have pay all year, how am I paid out when I retire?

Pay all year is processed at the end of the month you retire.  Please refer to the payroll to verify this information.

FMLA and Retirement

Family Medical Leave Act is a benefit provided through the employer.  If an employee is sick, they should use the sick leave time that is allocated for this purpose.  If a staff member who has chosen to participate in their union's sick bank may also make a request to the sick bank for additional days if accrued hours have been exhausted.

Qualification for FMLA is that an employee must work 1,250 hours prior to requesting this 12-week permissible leave (if approved).  When it becomes less possible for the employee to return to their assignment, retirement may be the next option.

Re-employment After Retirement. Can I be re-employed with Baltimore City Schools after retirement?

  • Under the State Retirement Agency, you may return but there may be an earnings limitation that is imposed by the State Retirement Agency.  Retirees under the State must have a separation of 45 days before you are employed again whether it is with the same payroll (BCPS) or another agency.  You must check with the State Retirement Agency to find out if you are eligible.
  • Under Baltimore City Employee Retirement System, please contact 443-984-3200 and speak with an analyst regarding re-employment. 

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