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Reopening questions submitted by the community

Questions are presented verbatim from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

The questions below are presented verbatim from Reopening Town Halls on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can find ways to get involved and information about our draft reopening plan on our Reopening page.

Reopening Process

  • What date/deadline will parents need to make decision re: virtual or hybrid?
  • Did the teachers receive the same survey? Do they have input on what is being proposed? 
  • Does this plan apply to schools that are operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project?
  • What are re-opening options for schools that are on the "No A/C" list? Is reopening the building, even in a hybrid form, a possibility given the lack of ventilation and insufficient a/c?
  • How do you all plan on solving the over crowding issue, so that social distancing can happen?
  • Do we know just yet what the most likely course of action will be? Like, will it all be online learning or will there be set days that students will physically attend school?
  • Have you considered breaking student body into 2 groups - A and B - each would be in school for two weeks and then work from home for two weeks.
  • What has the nature of conversation been with the union?
  • Can you please cite the research that speaks to the validity of a 3 foot distance? Where's the data and research that is informing these safety measures and return to school plans?
  • What support will be available to the charter schools?
  • If schools open on an A/B schedule, how confident are you that the large majority of kids will attend? Full attendance is already a huge problem in City schools.
  • Many parents have made the stance that they will not send their children back regardless of the decision. Will there be legal ramifications for not sending your children back?

Teaching and Learning

  • How are they taking into consideration how to honor teachers and how they are managing teaching and being parents at the same time?
  • Have you considered high school choice and middle school choice yet? Grading will be critical, are there groups looking into this issue.
  • Will one online platform be used?
  • What does hybrid teaching look like? are teachers recording live while in the classroom?
  • Will teachers be only with 1 of the cohorts? if not, what happens if a student gets sick? the teacher would be in contact with all kids
  • Is the virtual online academy going to be the same for every school? How will they measure grades metrics for the online school
  • Are you including early childhood, [specifically age groups 0-3 and 3-5] in your definition of schools and will you address age-specific guidelines and implications of the strategies to reopen?
  • When does City Schools project announcing what the grading approach will be for Fall 2020 - will it continue to be Pass/Fail, or will it be true letter grades?
  • If I choose the virtual model for my student how long is the commitment for?
  • How do art and other resource teachers rotating into a room help? If they rotate into every room, as would be the case at my school, as soon as they’re exposed, they’ve exposed all of us.
  • Will teachers and staff be provided with the same opportunities for all virtual learning vs hybrid models based on their preference and family needs?
  • I’d like more details about all Virtual Academy. Is this live instruction with class interaction or recorded videos?
  • What professional development will be provided to create assurances for safety as well as educational quality?

Health and Wellness

  • Will covid-19 testing be available in school?
  • If a family member tests +, how do you anticipate quarantining and sharing info between schools
  • Can the school district purchase and provide face shields for all students? I think kids would have an easier time with face shields, especially the little ones.
  • How will you put attention towards mental health and social development? How will handle any trauma or grief for students?
  • If there are some who feel that wearing a mask is infringing on their freedom. How can we be reassured that these parents will not want to send their kids to school without a mask
  • Will there be more nursing staff available to City schools to help when students and staff become ill?
  • I would like to know when we drop off the kids what will happen if they have a. fever and we have gone?
  • Bars and sports venues that are a smaller setting are having resurgences of COVID 19. How can you open schools with 100s and sometimes over a 1000 students safely?
  • What happens to children who are high risk? such as asthmatic children?
  • Since many young people will not exhibit symptoms, can we have a testing regiment set up for students and staff?
  • If there are some who feel that wearing a mask is infringing on their freedom. How can we be reassured that these parents will not want to send their kids to school without a mask?
  • Have you considered the socia-emotional impact of shutdowns and reopenings?
  • How are you going to keep teachers and staff safe?
  • How is a plastic barrier going to help younger students that need proximity to teachers, are very social by nature, or need physical help doing tasks?
  • How often will students, teachers and staff be tested? Will everyone be tested before the start of school? Who will pay for testing?
  • So hybrid is all day in class for teachers and paras? Kids just have a online piece from home? How is this safe for staff in regards to covid?

School Operations

  • Will school supplies be given particularly printer ink and paper for home school?
  • How do you disinfect the entire school building each day? Frankly the building are filthy.
  • Baltimore City Schools increasings its school nurse population? What about schools that previously already shared a nurse with another school?
  • Will school based after school and OST partners be able to offer program in the 2020-21 school hyear?
  • How are the kids going to be fed with a mixed up schedule? Will it be grab and go?
  • We have had to advocate quite a lot (For the past two years) for working bathroom facilities at our school. How can parents believe that bathroom and sink facilities will be in working order?
  • How are you guys going to provide PPE equipment for staff and students when you cant provide a safe learning environment on a regular day?
  • Schools weren’t equipped with soap dispenser or proper cleaning supplies prior to COVID-19, how can we be sure schools will have the proper supplies in the Fall?
  • What about ventilation in buildings? Most buildings do not have proper ventilation, AC, etc.
  • Custodial staff already have trouble keeping up with the cleaning needs in buildings. How will they take on additional duties such as disinfecting whole buildings every week?
  • Will the student handbook be updated to reflect the virtual learning options?
  • What is plan to keep fresh air circulating as much as possible, and to have proper hygiene supplies available: clean water, soap, toilets with lids?

Parents and Families

  • How will working parents be supported?
  • Will we receive supplies to better support our kids in distance learning? We weren’t given any actual resources or supplies to educate at home
  • What will happen when our kids get sick and bring home the virus potentially infecting and killing other family members? 
  • Will parents have to provide cleaning and sanitary supplies? In the past it has been added to the supply list, will you all be able to afford it?
  • Will childcare options be provided for parents/caregivers during those times when students are scheduled for at-home, distant learning?


  • What’s the plan for high school students who are taking MTA?
  • How will students stay safe on public transportation?


  • Will teachers get the option to work from home? especially those who are more susceptible?
  • Where will teachers go during lunch and planning periods?
  • How does a teacher console a young child if there is 6ft distance? Do they clean classrooms?
  • What about staff/teachers that are higher risk or have family members that are higher risk? How is that being taken into account?
  • What about the mental and emotional wellbeing of teachers that are going to be thinking about their own health every day when going in to teach?
  • Do teachers get to choose whether they are teaching virtually or in the classroom? Or is it based on medical documentation?