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A space to breathe at Leith Walk

New wellness spaces are having an impact in and out of class

For one student at Leith Walk Elementary Middle School, the school year started off on the wrong foot. He had trouble focusing, had been suspended, and experienced social conflicts and stress. But as months passed, something happened: he became focused, goal-oriented, and able to handle whatever each day threw at him. 

What changed? One of the wellness rooms at Leith Walk

The student found space; space to breathe, to unwind, to vent, and to navigate his emotions. 

This student is not alone. Thanks to Leith Walk Elementary/Middle School’s new wellness rooms, all students have access to the private, comfortable, supportive spaces they need to reflect, process their feelings, and effectively learn.

Designated and intentionally-designed wellness rooms have an impact, and reflect Leith Walk’s commitment to the health and wellness of its school community. Since the rooms’ were created, the number of school suspensions have declined, and students’ moods have risen. “The reality is that if you’re struggling with your mental health, you cannot learn easily,” explained Leith Walk Principal Ashanti Chambers. “These spaces are just one part of our efforts to make sure our students have the support they need to grow.” 

The school offers one dedicated room for pre-K to fourth grade students - designed by pre-K A white board that says "We wear a mask"teacher Ms. Taleah Watson, and another for fifth to eighth graders. These quiet, dimly lit spaces feature couches, cushions, bean bag chairs, hammocks, soothing music, and materials like pens, paper and white boards for easy expression. On Wednesdays, students meet after school in a popular program called the Legendary Lounge. Led by the school’s social worker Ms. Shontel Samuels, students come together in wellness rooms to talk about self-care and health-focused topics.  

According to Principal Chambers, the rooms are used every day. “We’re seeing that in situations where a student may have previously flown off the handle, they’re now pausing and saying ‘I need a moment.’ I’m asking students who previously were stressed for a minute to chat, and they’re politely telling me they’re good, focused on their goals, and need to get to class. It’s so wonderful to see.” 

The rooms at Leith Walk were installed with funding from the Heart of the School Fund, an initiative by the Fund for Educational Excellence supporting principals in projects that enhance their schools. 

In addition to the wellness rooms, every classroom at Leith Walk has a “calm corner” - a place in classrooms where students can go to refocus. 

“This boils down to love,” said Principal Chambers. “We love our students and want to help them succeed as students and as people. These rooms and these programs are helping us do that.” 

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