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Read how students, staff and communities are learning, pursuing goals, exploring passions, and achieving City Schools' Blueprint for Success. 
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School Communities Celebrate Student Achievements Across the District

Honors, parties, shopping sprees and arts displays help celebrate students’ success

City Schools students’ dedication, joy, curiosity and intelligence shines bright every day. Across the district, schools and educators never miss a chance to celebrate our young people and their achievements as leaders, athletes, artists, great classmates, and much more. Every day, students across the district are lifted up and recognized, whether it be for submitting college applications, finishing big projects, or learning something new. 

Check out just a few of the many recent ways our schools, educators and families have recently recognized our scholars. 

Student-led Parent Teacher Conferences: Students at Henderson-Hopkins are thriving, and they’re ready to tell their families all about it! The parent-teacher conference structure at Henderson-Hopkins lets students show off their achievements by having them lead the conferences between their educators and their care providers. Check out some photos of the experience

Under Armour Student Athletes of the Month: Every month, City Schools partners with Under Armour to celebrate student athletes. Check out the winners from March, here! 

Rewarding Perfect Attendance: At Holabird Academy, students received a free pair of snazzy sunglasses for having perfect attendance in March! Check them out, here.   

Apply to College and WIN: City Schools’ district-wide “I Applied Challenge” enters every senior into a raffle if they applied to college. Winners received a "Dress for Success" shopping spree or a "Success Starter-Kit" care package stocked full of "adulting" items for students moving to live on their own. And the high schools with the highest percentage of challenge participants won a college trip! Check out the winners, announced earlier this year. 

Bringing Lessons to Life - A Day of Royalty: At Frederick Elementary, students were focused and engaged in their recent social studies unit about kings and queens throughout history. To recognize the progress they made during the lessons, their educators planned a day of royalty with waltz dancing, etiquette training, a royal dining experience, and even crowns! Check out a photo of the day, here. 

Students’ Artwork in the BMA: More than 240 students across the district had the honor of presenting their work at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The FYI…For Your Inspiration: Baltimore City Public Schools Student Art Exhibition was on display from March 9-13 and featured a range of inspiring, moving work by students in grades K-12. Read all about the showcase, here

Student Muralists Shine: Encouraging students to find and pursue ideas is a huge part of teaching and learning. At Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy, high-performing students asked Principal Durr if they could paint a mural in the hallway. Ask, and the entire school community shall receive! Take a look at the beautiful mural here.  

The methods vary widely, but the thinking is simple: affirming our students as they put themselves out there and show their abilities can unlock the motivation, inspiration, and confidence that might change the trajectory of their lives. 

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