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New National Honor Society chapter honors students

Green Street Academy launches distinguished program 

The bustling journey from class to class may not be new for students at Green Street Academy, but the pins with yellow roses gracing uniforms of 56 students is catching eyes and raising questions. Classmates pass them and ask “hey, how do I get that rose?!” 

The answer is simple and impressive: by being inducted into Green Street Academy’s inaugural National Honor Society (NHS) chapter! 

This past December, 18 sophomores, 17 juniors and 21 seniors were inducted into NHS at a school ceremony attended by hundreds of family members and friends. How did they earn this honor? By maintaining a 3.0 GPA and demonstrating strong leadership, service and character. 

“Bringing NHS to Green Street has had a huge impact,” explained Shannon Gluth, Green Street Academy English Teacher and NHS Coach. “Scholarship is a pillar at Green Street, yet academic celebrations for students had been lacking in comparison to extracurriculars like sports. NHS is a way to celebrate students at Green Street for their strong performance in their coursework.”

As part of participating in the NHS, Green Street Academy students meet weekly to connect around their goals and participate in a monthly service activity to solve problems and improve their communities. Activities range from fundraisers and field trips, to school events (last month: planning a Black History Month showcase) and peer mentorship. The chapter’s mantra is “Never Hide Strength.”

No matter the activity, the work is student-driven. “We’re empowering students to identify problems and come up with their own solutions through monthly activities,” said Ms. Gluth. “They’re doing it all themselves, and they’re acquiring knowledge and building confidence and self-esteem along the way.” 

That confidence and pride shines through when hearing from Green Street students in NHS. Said 11th grader Kaream Wilson, “NHS means togetherness to me. Coming together with peers to acknowledge our excellence and the fact that we’re set apart from others for a reason. I’m happy to be a part of NHS.” Kayla Thomas, a 12th grader at Green Street, added “I strongly believe my character and abilities can be an absolute contribution for the NHS. I am blessed to be a contributor so that I can express my thoughts and offer community service.” 

Next year, the team at Green Street Academy plans on developing more supports for students seeking to join NHS. And if recent discussions in school are any indication, the interest is significant. “Students approach me all the time asking what they need to do to get into NHS,” beamed Ms. Gluth. “It opens the door to a discussion about their GPA and academic improvement. We’re talking about something obtainable and affirming for them to work towards. I tell them - ‘if you want this, you CAN do it. Let’s talk about how.’ It’s motivating. It’s real. And it matters.” 

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