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Professional to Model Pathway

Registration for model cohort 19 is open now. Register using this link (you must log into Google using your email credentials before accessing the link).  Registration will close on September 15, 2022. No exceptions will be made for late registrations.

Can anyone move to the model pathway?

To be eligible, candidates must

  • Be on the professional pathway
  • Have received an effective or highly effective rating on the performance evaluation in the year prior to submitting an application
  • Have up-to-date certification
  • Have no substantiated labor dispute findings through investigations
  • Not be subject to a performance improvement plan

How do I apply?

The first step is to express interest by registering. There is one cohort of applications each school year. Registration opens in the fall through a link on the district and Baltimore Teachers Union websites. Please note that registration does not obligate you to complete the process, but it is necessary if you are considering doing so.

For candidates who choose to move forward after registering, submissions are due in the spring.

What is involved in the submission process?

Candidates create a "model profile" of artifacts that correlate to the candidate’s mastery in four domains: 

  • Learner achievement
  • Instruction/support services or services for related service providers
  • Developing as a professional
  • Leadership

Candidates also provide a video of a lesson or session. All artifacts and videos must be aligned with the model rubric indicators (for teachers or for related service providers, including guidance counselors), as well as the guidance that candidates receive. 

Refer to this resource guide to help you through the process of creating your portfolio.

What types of artifacts should be submitted?

Artifacts should show the positive impact the candidate has had in the four domains noted above. They can be in a variety of formats (e.g.,  including PDF or Powerpoint documents, video, etc.). Review the artifact guidance for more information.

Guidelines for preparing the required video of a lesson or session are also provided.

How are the profiles scored?

Profiles are scored by the Professional Peer Review Committee, whose members are professionals currently on the model pathway. Individual profiles are scored by committee members whose certification, licensure, or experience match the candidate's. Note that your principal is not involved in scoring your profile.

Profiles are scored in a thorough and thoughtful manner that respects and does justice to the candidate’s work. Consistent and fair scoring is the first priority, and committee members follow this scoring guide. The duration of the scoring process varies, depending on factors such as the number of profiles submitted, the number of committee members available to score, and profile length. Once the process is complete, candidates are notified of the outcome by email.

How and when is movement to the model pathway reflected?

Successful candidates are placed on the model pathway effective July 1 after they have completed the process. Only AUs earned after July will be applied to that model educator's career profile.

Model pay takes effect in the school year after the candidate has successfully completed the process. Once a model educator reaches interval 5 (the final interval) on the pathway, a 1% salary increase is applied every time 24 AUs are earned.

Is model status permanent?

The contract with the Baltimore Teachers Union (Article V, section 5.2D) outlines a process whereby the district can reaffirm that those on the model pathway continue to demonstrate excellence and serve as exemplary educators across our district. The process involves a review of a model educator’s annual evaluations after she or he has been on the pathway for five years.