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Power is restored to Franklin Square Elem/Middle School and Steuart Hill Academy. Both schools will dismiss on the regular schedule today, Thursday, May 23.

Expires in 3 hours

Performance Evaluation for PSRP, CUB, Local 44, and Unaffiliated Staff

Annual evaluations for PSRP, CUB, and Local 44 employees can be accessed by employees through Employee Self Service and by supervisors through Manager Self Service. This will allow employees to access and respond to their annual evaluation once supervisors submit it.

Conferences and evaluations for unaffiliated employees are entered in the non-teacher tool

Key tasks and dates
  • By October 31: Initial conference (for PSRP, CUB, and unaffiliated only)
  • By February 15: Midyear conference  
  • One week before the last day of school for employees: Annual evaluation
Evaluation forms
Help guides for completing and responding to evaluations