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Performance Evaluations for Non-certificated Employees

2021-22 Evaluations

Baltimore City Public Schools is committed to authentic employee evaluations, grounded by accurate observations of practice and meaningful feedback. We recognize the importance of each employee receiving feedback on their performance and impact and being recognized for the role they play in support of our students and families.

As we move into our second full school year impacted by COVID-19, there is vast work ahead to confront the challenges and hardship brought on by the pandemic. From the professional development goals set in an employee’s Individual Development Plan to the feedback they receive during a conference with their evaluator, steps in the evaluation cycle can be one part of an employee’s personalized learning and support during this school year.

Performance Evaluation for Non-certificated Employees

Annual evaluations and other conference forms for all Non-Certificated Staff: CUB, FOP, GSS, L44, and PSRP employees can be accessed by employees through Employee Self Service and by supervisors through Manager Self Service.  This will allow employees to access and respond to their evaluation forms once shared electronically by their supervisors. 

An overview of key tasks and dates is provided below. All Non-Certificated employees and their supervisors are encouraged to watch this Plug & Play narrated presentation.

Key tasks and dates
  • By October 29: Initial Conference and Individual Development Plan
  • By February 11: Midyear Conference
    • By February 28: Midyear Conference for unaffiliated employees
  • One week before last day of school for employees: Annual Evaluation
    • By July 31: Annual Evaluation for unaffiliated employees

Note that if a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will move to the next work day.

Evaluation forms
Help guides for completing and responding to evaluations