Professional Development

Supporting staff to grow as professionals and leaders

When staff members have ongoing opportunities for new learning, to reflect on their work, and to share and collaborate with colleagues, they grow as professionals and leaders — and improve their practice and support for our students. That's why leadership is a focus area of the district's blueprint for success and why we're committed to providing high-quality professional learning.

Districtwide Professional Development Days

City Schools has multiple districtwide, systemic professional development days each school year. During these days, school-based staff have the opportunity to engage with peers, colleagues, and experts to deepen their learning. Districtwide professional learning provides equity and consistency in curriculum and instruction across all schools, offers peer-to-peer support, and builds educator capacity. 


By June 2024, teachers and school staff will have multiple opportunities to engage in professional learning focused on wholeness, literacy, and graduation to meet district and school-defined metrics in these three areas. 

Systemic professional development days for 2023-24 will be led by the district office content experts in close collaboration with lead teachers and school staff.  Sessions are half-day (2.5 hours): most academic content sessions are in-person held at designated sites, and "The Teaching Profession" (content-agnostic sessions for all educators) are virtual.  Educators are asked to select sessions for both morning and afternoon; registration is required for all sessions. 

2024 dates:  

CAO's Summer Institutes - 2024 

Summer Institutes Catalog (June 17-21, 2024 and August 5-8, 2024)

For course developers and providers

Interested in creating a professional learning opportunity? Please email the Teacher Support and Development department