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This page provides information about all leave options available to employees. 

All leave applications must be submitted electronically and supporting documentation should be uploaded to your application. 

NEW: Sick and Safe Leave (Posted: December 8, 2022)

The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act requires employers to provide paid sick leave for employees to use for certain sick and safe purposes. Substitute teachers and temporary employees, who do not receive leave benefits, are the first group of City Schools employees to access earned sick and safe leave. Learn more about Sick and Safe Leave for City Schools employees.

Leave Overviews

Online Leave Request Application

All leave applications must be submitted electronically, and supporting documentation should be uploaded to your application. 

Before filling out the application, please be sure to review the requirements for the type of leave you’re requesting and have the appropriate documents/forms ready to upload. Information about the different types of leaves and the documents/forms associated with each leave type are available in the Leave Overviews section of this page and in your union handbook.


  1. Click on “Online Leaves Request.”

  2. Complete all required fields.

  3. For FMLA requests: Have the medical certification form completed by your physician prior to submitting the online request. It is your responsibility to ensure a complete certification is submitted. Please keep a copy of your submission for your own personal records.

  4. For other leave requests: Upload supporting documents.

  5. Read the FMLA Acknowledgement and click "Yes" to proceed

  6. Sign the Electronic Consent by entering your employee number.

  7. Select the option to receive a receipt and you’re done!