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Educator Onboarding

Welcome to our incredible district.  We cannot thank you enough for the time, effort, and energy you are going to share with your school community and our district.  Teachers make a huge difference in the lives of our students, and we have found that our students do the same for our teachers.  Just as our students will make some mistakes along the way, we expect that you will as well; it’s part of the process.  Below, we have an assortment of high-quality resources to help kickstart your learning and guide you along the way. 

Getting Started

Below you will find a few resources and links that will help get you started on your incredible journey.

Asynchronous Learning Modules

Learning Module



Code of Conduct Student



Health and Safety



Professional Expectations and Responsibilities



Classroom Practices









Special Education

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What you need to know Month-by-Month:

This month-by-month guide is designed to provide early career educators with a focused and timely set of resources, strategies, and reminders. 

August: Preparation and Planning

Focus: Setting up your classroom, planning your first units, and establishing routines.

September: Building Relationships and  Classroom Management

Focus: Creating a positive classroom culture and connecting with students while refining classroom management strategies and establishing discipline are integral to fostering an engaging and orderly learning environment.

October: Assessment and Feedback

Focus: Preparing for and conducting meaningful assessments.

November: Engaging Instruction

Focus: Developing engaging and interactive lessons that cater to diverse learners.

December: Instructional Reflection and Adjustment

Focus: Reflecting on the first semester and planning adjustments.

January: Mid-Year Reflection

Focus: Reflecting on progress towards yearly goals and re-establishing expectations.

February: Fostering Independence

Focus: Encouraging student independence and responsibility in learning.

March: Cultivating Inclusivity 

Focus: Building inclusive classroom environments and embracing culturally relevant pedagogy to ensure all students feel valued and seen.

April: Professional Growth

Focus: Seeking professional development opportunities and expanding your network.

May: Celebrating Successes

Focus: Reflecting on the year's achievements and celebrating successes.

June: Wrapping Up

Focus: Closing out the school year and preparing for the next.

July: Rest and Rejuvenation

Focus: Taking time for self-care and rejuvenation.