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Under the contract with the Baltimore Teachers Union, City Schools teachers can take control of their careers and grow within a system of career pathways and salary intervals. Movement from one pathway to the next is determined by peer reviews that weigh instruction, leadership, continual learning, and student growth.

For more information, browse this webpage or email the Joint Governing Panel

AU Handbook: A Guide to Earning Achievement Units

The Career Pathways


Focus: Developing instructional practice with professional development


Focus: Classroom success, additional school-based roles


Focus: Modeling excellence, leadership, creating PD


Focus: Leading work to improve student and school performance

Moving from standard to professional

To move from the Standard Pathway to the Professional Pathway, a prerequisite is to earn a professional certificate (SPC or APC). 

  • If you are on a conditional certificate, are not in an alternative

    certification program, and need more information on earning your

    professional certification, please email

  • If you already have your SPC, there are two ways to move onto the Professional Pathway.  

    • Earn achievement units (AUs) to move up through the intervals in the standard pathway and, on reaching interval 5, earn 12 additional AUs to move to interval 1 on the professional pathway or

    • Participate in an accelerated process

Moving from professional to model

Candidates go through a rigorous peer review process to demonstrate their excellence. Find more information in this overview.

Moving from model to lead

The district Joint Oversight Committee members voted on October 25, 2023 to discontinue our current teacher career pathway system after school year 2023 - 2024. Therefore, no lead assessment centers will be held this year.