Employee Wellness Program

The Be Well employee wellness program offers health information, education, support and resources to employees to help create and cultivate overall health and wellness.

Weight Loss Challenge 2023

Join the Employee Wellness Program's weight loss challenge hosted by Healthywage.com!

  • The 12-week challenge starts September 18th, 2023.

  • Registration is $28 per month for 3 months. ($84)

    • Earn back your registration fee by achieving individual weight loss of 10% in 9 months!

  • Connect with teammates on the HealthyWage app and have fun while losing weight!

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What is wellness?

Wellness wheel

When you think about your health and wellness, what comes to mind? Every person may have a different answer to this question because, in reality, there are many dimensions to a person's wellness. To address our wellness from a holistic perspective, we need to consider these 8 dimensions:

  • Physical wellness

  • Emotional wellness

  • Spiritual wellness

  • Intellectual wellness

  • Occupational wellness

  • Environmental wellness

  • Social wellness

  • Financial wellness

Wondering which one of these dimensions you should focus on? Try this worksheet to help you!

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Additional Be Well Resources and Information


Did you know

Stress can be horrible for your body. There is a lot you can do to manage stress - meditation, working out, or doing yoga. Always make time to de-stress!