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Announcements and Press Releases

Kyair Butts, 2019 Teacher of the Year, speaking in class.Baltimore City Public Schools has launched its annual recruitment of new teachers for the upcoming school year. We continue to connect with qualified candidates from across the country and beyond, to ensure the children of Baltimore City have the best teachers possible.

Each year on average, roughly 550 of our nearly 5,000 teaching positions open due to retirements, relocations, or other separations. Another 100 positions open when teachers transfer or join school leadership or district office positions. And for the 2023-24 school year, we are excited to add almost 500 new teaching jobs to our ranks, filling long-needed roles created due to increased funding.

The job market for teachers is competitive. City Schools has positioned itself as an attractive option for the best teachers available. Our teacher pay has steadily increased since 2018, and our compensation system allows highly-motivated teachers to earn additional pay increases more quickly than their peers in other Maryland school districts.

City Schools offers some of the best benefits in the region, a blossoming employee wellness system, and robust professional growth pathways. And above all, we have the best students and families in the country!

We need your support! Support our teacher recruitment by taking these steps:

  • Share our job openings – Encourage teachers and support staff candidates to visit
  • Share our job fair events on social media – Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@BaltCitySchools) and on LinkedIn and share our posts for recruitment events
  • Shout out your school or a staff member that makes a difference!

Our students deserve the best teachers and support staff possible. We’re working hard to make it happen. There are many great options for teachers, but let’s ensure they know that City Schools is the place to be.