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City Schools students invited to perform at U.S. Department of Education’s Day of Celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month

City Schools is pleased to announce that eight of our students will travel to Washington, DC on October 6 to perform as the Spanish Immersion Theatre Camp for the U.S. Department of Education’s Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration.

The Spanish Immersion Theatre Camp provided English-Language-Learning and Spanish-speaking students in fourth grade through high school from across City Schools with an opportunity to develop personally and academically through theater.

Now they’re taking their talents to Washington, DC, and the performance on October 6 will feature our students from John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School, Morrell Park, Digital Harbor High School, Highlandtown Elementary/Middle School #215, Hampstead Hill Elementary/Middle School and Frederick Douglass High School.

Congratulations to our Spanish Immersion Theatre Camp students and break a leg!